Top Ten Animal Jam Rares

Here are the top ten animaljam rares! :) Sorry if not accurate. There is also only one of each item in this list so for example I'm not going to list every color of the beards. Hope you enjoy!

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81 Black Tuxedo

Umm Tuxedos come every year from the Opposite Day Party I Think Or April Fools So It's Not Rare because my friend Has one...

People keep on asking for it I have not seen one anywhere

I have a black tuxedo jacket from epic wonders?

I have one, I use it for my Slenderman deer

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82 Diamond Necklace

I quite like the diamond necklaces, even know their quite girly, they look nice on all animals!

Not rare at all still in the shops

I love them but how are they on this list in the first place u can buy then in epic wonders :l

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83 Scary Bat Wings

Please give me one really want it!

Guys this is super rare I declined a trade of a black long

I have one but I never put it on trade I will go on Animal Jam right now and put it on trade and see what kind of offers I would get, Thanks a lot for the information. From Starsinger123

They aren't that rare at all!

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84 Butterfly Wings

They are extremely beta, only sold in beta days. There is a tiny difference between the beta one and the sore ought one.

I have one of these, and I wear it everyday. These are extremely hard to get since I only saw a few people have it.

Trade me a black long collar or a beta tiara for my butterfly wings please

I have yellow and pink beta butterfly wings

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85 Yellow Party Hat

The yellow one is the least rare of the party hat

CAN U GIFT WON TO ME IF U GET WON?! It's my Bday soon! By the way my user is : Koalasmithos8 thanks u! So much!

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86 Art Easel

I have one I'm bella50678 I will trade it for 4 longs that's how much it said its worth

This is like the most BETA item in Jamaa and everyone wants one these days, I think. They are my favorite.

If you are willing to make offers for it my user is Herabrine! thanks

Its not worth that at all bella50678

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87 Rare Skinny Lamp

I thought it was already on list before

I love this rare I have it

Whats it worth?

88 Rare Viking Helmet

YOUR A LIER! YOUR NOT SAYING THE TRUTH! YOUR A SCAM! (Rare Viking Helmet is not worth a non rare headdress and a rare party hat! )

I have 2 of these that someone just sent me today! They have lost some of their rarity though. But they are worth okay items.

Rare viking hat is actually rare & beta it is worth a non rare headdress and a rare party hat now I don't want to see comments like " Your a lier! " "Your not saying the truth! " "Your a scam! " No I am saying what I know now lets all agree its looks fantastic and its worth so much, Ok?

This was really helpful.

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89 Rare Beard

I only saw one person with one

I have one so if you want to trade for it my user is cookieda.
P.S. they look great on an animal that has the sam color as the beard on it.

90 Rare Floor Lamp

I just got one of these in The Forgotten Desert. What are they worth? If you want to trade for it, I'm fuzzerwuzzer ty B)

91 Yellow Sweets Wall

I think my buddy michelle is back has one of these in his den

I have this, I see this one the least

This one should be WAY up there since I've only seen about 5 of these in my 5 years on aj

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92 Rare Cloud

I have to idea what its worth, but I'm trying to get it soon. If you have an extra, my aj is nyancatisthebest109

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93 Green Worn

I want a worn they are cool but if ui could choose I would want black or blue lol

Ugh, green worns are the LEAST rare worn out of all the worns. Here is the order of worns: rarest to least rare:
Black, Purple, Red, Yellow, Light blue, silver blue, brown, green

Don't u think if least rare its rarity is low but I thnk if itsleast rare ii unwanted unwanted I worth den betas and
betas are worth spikes if u have a lot! so yea they actually rare if u thik, all least rare are like that

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94 Small Table

The beta sturdy table

95 Rhino Helmet

Ok so I have a green rhino helmet and people are like "Hey that's not rare at all its just problay worth a beta" so I just go like "who do they think they are? " so then I went on a wiki AND WOW! ITS WORTH A LONG! so I'm just like "BOOM" well the green are worth a color so um IN YOUR FACE HA!

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96 Black Solid Top Hat

You almost never see them and its really rare to get them in The Forgotten Desert, I got offered a long blue wrist for mine and I accepted.

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97 Magenta Eyeball Hat

Hey I'm muffin2343 and have a Magenta eyeball hat and I've been asking people for how rare it is its worth a founders or 3 good longs!

I got like 5 nerd glasses tan carpet 1 founder and at least 4 black collars fo mine and I accepted I know it was a over trade but still the awesome trades out there wait I noticed that the people with straw hats and worns at least when they wear them but when u look at their list your look GOSH!

I got traded a magenta eyeball hat for my pink short collar, along with some other items ( betas, two wrists, fox hat and other random stuff) I personally think magenta eye ball hats are one of the rarest items ever. Having any kind of item that is magenta that you can't buy is super rare, magenta is the testing colors AJHQ uses for items, if your wondering how I know I have been to AJHQ before. I have been traded a blue phantom rug, 2 founders hat, black short collar, two fox hats and nerd glasses for my magenta eyeball hat. And many other super rare items, to this day it is still in my inventory and I don't plan on trading/gifting it away any time soon. And I suggest you do the same, you are very lucky if you happen to have one of them, there is only a limited number in the game and
people are always looking for unreleaded/super rare items.

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98 Brown Cupid Wings

Stood pod scammer scammed my brown Cupid wings for a fake beta

These wings are really glitched only 11 active players have a pair(S) including aparrialt

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99 Normal Nerd Glasses

Some people say glitched nerds are worth more but normal nerd glasses are worth way more normal nerd glasses are with silver glitched are gold

Some one please trade me them I will trade a rare and a mech wings for them! My username is kittycuteheart!

They aren't rally glitched if u make a new account u can see a bunny wearining glasses its yellow either thy are no glitch no glasses are glitch or the white one are gitched yw

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100 White Furryhats

" they just look good on arctic wolfs and great with spikes! "

" I got a spike for mine my spike is brown"

" not the rarest but they are great! "

I never see any of these anymore. I'm the only one I've seen who had one

Just because there not rare or beta they still look great right?

Are these in the hot cocoa hut? I forgot I have to look.

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