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141 Rare Bat Wings

They are like one of my fave items! I have one

142 Rare Jamaaliday Wings

I never seen one

143 Rare Pilgrim Hat
144 Lucky Tuxedo
145 Friendship Bracelet

Friendship is nice everybody you got to buy this my user is iamateacher123abc

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146 Scary Cat Hat

Is this the rare one? thought it was on list before. shrugs

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147 Police Hat

I have this police hat the colour is pink and I still have it I am a girl

This hat is dumb u can see the eyes of the jammer wearing it what the f***

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148 Freedom Cape

No offense but they are a bit... ugly

149 Rare Heart Locket

Yeah. I have one and don't even wear it. if I wear it on a bunny looks like the necklace is choking the bunny

Not worth anything, in ever adventure prize for animal gates.

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150 Rare Worn

Non rare tagged blue is the rarest I believe.

Non rare black worn is rare and purple rare worn is rarest

Please someone smart come fix this list

I had a rare worn I traded for a spike

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151 Pot O' Gems

They aren't that common any more...

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152 Rare Pigtails

They Are Very Rare Worth A Rare Bow And Arrow A Spike And A Mech Helmet

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153 Ice Mira Statue

I have rare big tails so yay I can get spikes and I'm non member lol

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154 Rare Rhino Helmet

I think this was quite rare but it was rarer before the eagle adventure came

I love rhino hats they make me look like a rhino

I have one and thought they were worth more

155 Golden Earphones

RARE I had some lol I got rid of it cause it did not go with my look but I like them I'm kaykay2321

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156 Non-Rare Blue Pigtails

I have a pair of these that a kind jammer sent me! These pigtails are rarer than the original ones. These pigtails came out during the beta times.

157 Non-Rare Spider Mask

I have this it is pretty weird but easy to get I have 3 and one of them is rare

Another Item that has lost some of its rareness.. Although you may not see them quite often in Jamaa. (You can get this item in The Forgotten Desert)

158 Non Rare Floor Lamp

I got one of these, what are they worth?

They are worth diamond spike wrist

159 Royal Tiara

I think they used to be sold for at least 2,500 gems in epic wonders, but they aren't sold anymore. If rare versions are existing now then those would be VERY rare.

That's because you don't have one.

I got 1 but I'm not giving you my user

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160 Elf Armor

LOL they are back in animal jam not that rare any more

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