Top Ten Animal WWE Type Matches

The animals will fight each other in the WWE Ring in hardcore type matches, Who will win?

The Top Ten Animal WWE Type Matches

1 Tiger vs. Lion In the Hell In a Cell
2 Elephant vs. T-rex In a I Quit Match
3 Black Wido vs. King Cobra In a Submission Match
4 Grizzly Bear & Polar Bear vs Cheetah and Leopard In a Tornado Tag Steel Cage Match
5 Shark vs. Python In a Last Man Standing Match
6 Crocodile vs. Hippo In a Tables Match
7 Wolf vs Fox In a TLC Match
8 Komodo Dragon vs. Hyena In a First Blood Match
9 Jaguar vs Pufferfish vs Piranha vs Ape vs. Alligator vs Bull In a Elimination Chamber
10 Scorpion vs Box Jellyfish Backstage Brawl
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