Top Ten Animals at the Center for Animal Research and Education

The Center for Animal Research and Education (more commonly referred to as "CARE", has been known to take care of many animals, most of which are big cats like tigers and lions. Possibly their most famous employee, Derek Krahn, aka. BigCatDerek, has posted many videos online of the animals at CARE, revealing many different personalities within their small little "kingdom". Here you can vote for your personal favourites.
The Top Ten
1 Cassie (Cougar)

Possibly one of the most popular big cats in the past few years of CARE, she is widely known for her adorable squeaks, which has even spawned a popular trend on Vine known as "Try not to squeak". She seems to always be happy when Derek comes along to record her, often instantly getting up from a nap and sprinting down to see him.

2 Arctic (Snow Leopard)

This beautiful creature is sadly no longer with us, but he has been one of the most beloved animals at CARE, and still is to this day. He had one of the biggest enclosures of all cats, possibly THE biggest, and also had a unique snuffle, which had a bit of a slower pace. This adorable, yet majestic cat will be remembered for many years to come.

3 Solano (White Tiger)

Solano had some tragic things to go through. He was seen as worthless by his previous owners. Not only that, but due to a case of cancer in his right eye, it had to be removed, permanently limiting his vision. When he was moved to CARE, he became well-known for his unique appearance, and the unique sound that he made, which almost sounded like a "moo". Derek, and many supporters of CARE, often refer to him as "Yano". Not to mention, due to the permanently closed eye, he always seems to wink in a picture...

4 Ace (Black Panther)

Unlike most other cats (most of the time), Ace is rather unique, since he pretty much hates to have Derek get close to him, often giving him a nasty hiss or even a growl. This might be due to his pure gender, since male animals tend to see other males as a threat, due to the possibility of having potential mates stolen from them. Fortunately, this behavior also shows that, despite the animals having been taken CARE (pun intended) off for many years in some cases, they are not pets and you should always be wary when near them.

5 Araali (Lion)

One of the twin lions known as the "BeeBees". They've had a very tough road, and were diagnosed with Wobbler's Syndrome. He and Zuberi had a third twin cub knowns as Jelani, but he sadly passed away at an early age.

6 Milo (Leopard)

Like Solano, Milo has had a tragic past. He used to be happy with a lucky owner, but that was when he was still an adorable and small cub. But, of course, he's still a leopard, and in time, he grew too big for his owner's home, and was thus moved to CARE. Over time, he's learned to trust a select few people, but he is not always the most social of the big cats...

7 Zuberi (Lion)

One of the twin lions known as the "BeeBees". They've had a very tough road, and were diagnosed with Wobbler's Syndrome. He and Araali had a third twin cub knowns as Jelani, but he sadly passed away at an early age.

8 Raven (Black Panther)

At first glance, this gorgeous and sassy cat may seem like a vicious hunter...which she is...if she were still in the wild, that is...anyway, Raven is considerably smaller than the average size. She's very playful and always open to a new friend. Also, she is a lot less likely to hiss at people walking past her, unlike Ace...

9 Tawney (Cougar)

Imagine you're at school (or work) and you cross paths with that one person that always seems a little mad, but turns out to have a loving personality. That's Tawney in a nutshell, and similar to Cassie, has a raspy squeak to tell her she's happy to see you (unless it was intended for the person behind you, of course)
Update: she has sadly passed away at this point. She will be missed dearly :'(

10 Luca (Tiger)

Luca had always been a bit of a troublemaker, especially in his youth. On Vine, he grew popular by the many videos titled as "Luca jokes", in which Derek voiced him over and told a "funny" joke, often related to rabbits and their...appearantly...delicious taste...tigers, eh? :/

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