Top Ten Animals in Ireland


The Top Ten

1 Viviparous Lizard

Yes, we apparently have tiny lizards. - Swellow

2 White-Tailed Eagle

Not native to Ireland but they're found around coastal areas. Reintroduced in 2007 after being extinct for 200 years. - Swellow

3 European Pine Marten

A brown and yellow mustelid that's essentially a larger weasel. They're also extremely aggressive hunters, and they can kill you if you aren't safe. - Swellow

4 Red Deer

Largest mammal in Ireland. Could be considered the national animal. - Swellow

5 Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound

One of the largest species of dog. - Swellow

6 Beautiful Demoiselle Beautiful Demoiselle

Found around fast-flowing waters. Only found in southern Ireland. - Swellow

7 Eurasian Wren

A migratory bird that can be found around Ireland. Fabled for being the "king of all birds" and was considered sacred for the druids. - Swellow

8 Pygmy Shrew

A very rare form of animal. The only shrew species native to Ireland. - Swellow

9 Irish Setter Irish Setter

A hunting dog that is very common around Ireland. Once suffered from the brinks of extinction but were reintroduced. - Swellow

10 Irish Water Spaniel Irish Water Spaniel

Another hunting dog. - Swellow

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