Top Ten Animals with the Coolest Eyes

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1 Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp The mantis shrimp, or stomatopod, is a type of marine crustacean of the order Stomatopoda. Most species can grow to around 10 centimetres in length, though a few species reach up to 38 cm.

This crustacean see colors like no other animal. A mantis shrimp's eyes are very complex. A mantis shrimp is able to see 12 primary colors, while we can only see 3 - FireWasp2004

Yep, humans are so imperfect... - Metal_Treasure

2 Owl

An owl's eyes are excellent for seeing both in darkness and very bright light. But, an owl can't move its eyes around. It's the reason why an owl can turn its head 270 degrees - FireWasp2004

3 Tarsier

Similar to the owl. A tarsier has eyes that are excellent for hunting, but it can't move its eyes around. A tarsier can turn its head 180 degrees. Tarsiers also have the largest eyes relative to body size - FireWasp2004


4 Colossal Squid

This squid has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. The diameter is nearly 11 inches: nearly the size of a soccerball! - FireWasp2004

5 Cat

A cat's eyes have excellent night-vision. And those slit pupils make them look very cool too - FireWasp2004

So beautiful - sometimes they even appear to glow in the dark. - Entranced98

Cat eyes are very beautiful. - Metal_Treasure

6 Chameleon Chameleon Chameleons or chamaeleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of old world lizards with 202 species described as of June 2015. These species come in a range of colors, and many species have the ability to change colors.

A chameleon can see in 2 directions at once! - FireWasp2004

Haha, this is something! - Metal_Treasure

7 Goat Goat The domestic goat is a subspecies of goat domesticated from the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.

Goats have strange, wide, square pupils. The width of those pupils allows a goat to see at a 330 degree angle. We can only see at a 185 degree angle - FireWasp2004

Wow, 330 degrees. So they practically see almost everything around them. Never knew this. I thought their eyes were ordinary. - Metal_Treasure

For a mammal, they have lizard-like eyes

8 Four-Eyed Fish

It doesn't really have 4 eyes, but its eyes are shaped in such a way, that it can see above water and underwater at the same time! - FireWasp2004

9 Frog Frog Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura.

Frogs have really cute, big, bulging eyes. These bulging eyes help them to see above water while they're underwater - FireWasp2004

10 Stalk-Eyed Fly

It has long projections on the sides of its head the eyes at the end. Males' eyestalks are much longer than the females'. Females prefer males with long eyestalks - FireWasp2004

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11 Wolf Wolf Often in/from packs, Wolves are carnivorous Canines that come in various colours and breeds, and have evolved to Dogs. Some breeds of Wolves are, like Dogs, domesticated, to become a Working Dog.
12 Fox Fox Foxes are small to medium sized animals and belong to the Canidae family along with other animals such as jackals, wolves, and domestic dogs. There are 37 species of fox but only 12 are considered true Vulpes. A foxes main prey are birds, fish, berries, insects, and rabbits. Some of the best known species more.
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