Animanga Characters You Hate Yet Everyone Else Love


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1 Lindo Tachibana - Dance with Devils

He's so cliche. Half vampire? Check. Sad romance? Check. His whole character is about how his life suck,come on. And the worst is how he treat Ritsuka to "protect her". Sorry boy, you just make it worst. Think about her instead of your feeling for once. - TopiTaupe

2 Ebato Sanae - Kuzu No Honkai

Act like Lindo but in creepier. - TopiTaupe

3 Kotori Minami - Love Live! School Idol Project Kotori Minami - Love Live! School Idol Project

I hate how they make her pass as a cute innocent girl while this idiot isn't able to think for herself. She doesn't want to study fashion and want to keep being a school idol? Just do it? Her mother doesn't even force her to do that, it was a proposition, but just because this pissbaby can't think for herself she need Honoka to say "no" to say the same. - TopiTaupe

4 Megumi Shimizu - Shiki Megumi Shimizu - Shiki

When I see people saying she's innocent I'm just lol wut - TopiTaupe

5 Ayato Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers

Please just sent him to the sun - TopiTaupe

6 Asuka Soryu Langley - Neon Genesis Evangelion
7 Kaname Kuran - Vampire Knight

For him hatred is a big word... just let's say I feel very "meh" about him. - TopiTaupe

8 Mei Tachibana - Say I Love You

She's just not as interesting than the story tries to make her be. - TopiTaupe

9 Sata Kyoya - Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Typically the kind of male character everyone like except me. #I'mnotlikeothergirlsI'msospecial - TopiTaupe

10 Futaba Yoshioka - Ao Haru Ride

Once again not real hate. Just meh. And I don't find anyone new to add so here we go. - TopiTaupe

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