Top 10 Animaniacs Running Gags

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When ever Yakko and Wakko are around the nurse or other beautiful woman they would yell out "HELLO NURSE". - egnomac

2 Warner Siblings Getting Chased By Ralph
3 "Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering"

In pretty much every Pinky and the Brain segment Brain would ask Pinky "Are you pondering what I'm pondering? " and Pinky would always reply "I think so Brain" followed by saying something that is unrelated to what there doing. - egnomac

4 "Goodnight Everyone"

When ever an inappropriate or innuendo would happen Yakko usually would blow a kiss then go "Goodnight Everyone" - egnomac

5 Pesto Beating up Squit

Squit would usually say something to Pesto and Pesto would take offense replying "What do you mean by that? " which is odf course refrece to the scene from Goodfellas where Henry (played by Ray Lyota) tells Tommy (played by Joe Pesci) tells him he's funny and he takes offense to this and gets all angry, Pesto and Squit would exchange dialogue until Pesto says "THAT'S IT" and beats up Squit as Bobby usually laughs at them. - egnomac

6 Rita Singing
7 The Wheel of Morality

Elvis lives on in our hearts, in his music, and in a little trailer outside of Milwaukee.

"Wheel of morality turn turn turn tell us the moral that we should learn and the moral of today's story is! " - egnomac

8 Slappy Blowing People Up
9 Wakko Belching

In most episodes and during the concert segments Wakko would do this really loud Belch, on a side note Wakko's belches are actually done by Maurice LaMarche who also provides the voice of both The Brain and Squit. - egnomac

10 "He's a Chicken I Tell Ya, A Giant Chicken!'

In all the Chicken Boo segments someone would accuse Boo in disguise of being a giant chicken and the other person would of course say he's not and the other person would continue to say he's a chicken then near the end of the segment when Boo's disguise falls apart revealing himself to be a giant chicken as the person who accused him points it out to everyone. - egnomac

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11 "Goodnight everybody!"
12 The Mime Gets Injured
13 Someone Attempts to Throw the Warners Out, but They Get Tossed Out Instead
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