Top 10 Animated Characters Whose Name Starts with the Letter "J"

The Top Ten Animated Characters Whose Name Starts with the Letter "J"

1 Johnny Bravo - Johnny Bravo
2 Jafar - Aladdin

This is the funniest character in Disney ever he's so sarcastic and funny at the same time! In the house of Mouse Episode Max's embracing date Mickey said that he had seen some first dates in the audience for the night he said he saw Cruella and the Beast and he also said Jafar and Maleficent! And he said my dear I'm looking for a diamond in the rough which made Maleficent burn him and Iago said real smooth Prince Charming come on you and Maleficent? You two have so many things in common that makes you similar to each other A-You both have staffs B-You turn into animals to kill the Hero C-You have birds D-You're both good guys and E-You two are a sorcerer! Wow you and Maleficent share so many similarities

3 Joe Swanson - Family Guy
4 Joker - Batman the Animated Series
5 Jimmy Neutron - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius James "Jimmy" Isaac Neutron is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Jimmy Neutron franchise . He is most notably the main protagonist of the 2001 American 3D computer-animated comic science fiction film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and the main protagonist of the American computer animated more.
6 Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Jessica Rabbit is a fictional character in Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and its loose film adaptation, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
7 Jura Basil Eden - Vandread
8 Joey Wheeler - Yu-Gi-Oh! Joseph "Joey" Wheeler is one of the main characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! known as Katsuya Jonouchi in the Manga and Japanese version and friend of Yugi Moto, Tea and Tristian, Joey started off as a bully along with Tristian who picked on Yugi at one point he threw a piece of the Millennium Puzzle into a pool more.
9 Jackie Lynn Thomas - Star vs the Forces of Evil Jackie Lynn Thomas is a fictional character from Star vs The Forces of Evil as a student from Echo Creek Academy who Marco has a crush on who's very laid back, kind and enjoy's skateboarding.
10 Jessie - Pokemon

The Contenders

11 Johnny Test
12 Jessie - Pokémon
13 Jiraiya - Naruto
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