Top 10 Animated Disney Movies With the Best Music

Which disney movie had the best songs as a whole? I'm actually not using my own order in creating this list, so it actually kinda "stings" to place Pocahontas so low.

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21 Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck It, Wreck-It Ralph

Sugar Rush

Bug Hunt

When Can I See You Again

The first Disney animovie to use mix music. Also the first & only to combine orchestral with mix. You have to love those bittersweet tunes.

22 Monsters Inc
23 A Bug's Life
24 Home on the Range

This movie is funny and great for kids

25 Fantasia

Are you joking? Classical music is not something to vote over! - SwagFlicks

Ex. Nightmare on Bald Mountain, The Nutcracker Suite this is the climax of Disneys classical music this should be at least in top 10

26 Zootopia

Ex- Try Everything

That annoying Shakira song? No thanks.

That song is amazing I love sharika

Shakira's song is not annoying your crazy if you think Shakira's song is annoying! 😠😬😡😣😤

27 The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Nah-ha this movie has better songs than frozen why the heck is it so low?!?! a mojority of the people who made this probably didn't even watch the move because it's a direct to home sequel anddidnt give it a chance.Love will find a way,we are one and he lives in you are 100000000000000000000000000 times better that song about screwing the kingdom and not caring Let It Go.

28 Dumbo
29 Sleeping Beauty

Love this movie, and I love the music. Once upon a dream is one of my favourite Disney songs

So good movie I love this aurora is so pretty

30 Toy Story

These songs in Toy Story are my favorite of all the toy stories

31 Disney's A Christmas Carol
32 Lady and the Tramp

Bella notte is so nostalgic it's better than some songs in movies up there but doesn't have that Disney style to it and it is kinda slow and a bit boring but still great

33 Toy Story 3
34 Bambi
35 Finding Dory

The Sia Song Is Awful - VideoGamefan5

36 Alice In Wonderland

Love the Cheshire cat


37 The Rescuers

love it

38 Brother Bear

Greatest Disney soundtrack hands down! Phil Collins crafts a masterpiece of a soundtrack and it features the always incredible Tina Turner.

Really 22 this should be easily top 10 with tarzan. Phil collins nailed the tracks

39 Finding Nemo
40 Monsters University
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