Top Ten Animated Disney Parents

This list if for the best Disney parents, I felt they deserved a shout out for having to raise the hard headed protagonist lol. I added parenthesis to some of my choices because some of the parents names might not be easily recognizable, just so You know in advance.

The Top Ten

1 Mufasa and Sarabi

Mufasa is ABUSIVE. He didn't let his son going where he wanted to go and he forced the hyenas to starve for no good reason. I would not want him and Sarabi as parents.

Come on! This was obvious! Who hasn't wished they were Your parents instead? (I admit, I have) - Shanigirl

2 Pheasant (Bambi's Mom)

She was so kind and gentle (RIP) - Shanigirl

3 Sultan

He was a bit of a buffoon, but always good for a laugh - Shanigirl

4 Kala (Tarzan's Mom)

Her bond with Tarzan always warmed my heart - Shanigirl

5 Eduora (Tiana's Mother)

Quite a sweet little lady - Shanigirl

6 Maurice (Belle's Father)

He raised a pretty good girl LOL - Shanigirl

7 King Triton and Queen Athena

King triton may have been overly protective and harsh at times, but only wanted what was best for His daughters. - Shanigirl

8 Zeus
9 King Fergus and Queen Elinor

Well the movie sucked in my opinion, but the parents were alright. - Shanigirl

10 The King (Prince Charming's Father)

He served a comedic relief, while also being wise as shown in the third Cinderella film. - Shanigirl

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1. Mufasa and Sarabi
2. Pheasant (Bambi's Mom)
3. Sultan



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