Best Animated Disney Princes

Let’s talk about the best animated Disney princes.

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1 Aladdin Aladdin Aladdin is a fictional character and the protagonist of Disney's 1992 animated feature film Aladdin, and its two direct-to-video sequels The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

Aladdin is so sweet and didn't stop when things became hard! He came from humble beginnings and has been through more than any other Disney prince, and I applaud him for that.

He was a homeless street rat that fell in love with a princess and saved her from a villain. Not to mention that that princess is named Jasmine, who also helped by kissing a villain! Eww! Anyway, she fell in love with him by his personality, not by the fact that he was homeless

2 Eugene Fitzherbert Eugene Fitzherbert Flynn Rider is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 50th animated feature film Tangled, and its short film Tangled Ever After.

My brothers names Fynn

One of the most liked Disney men that finds the lost princess named Rapunzel. He takes her to see the lanterns, keeps her safe during the trip there and back, and saves her from Mother Gothel by cutting her hair. In return, Rapunzel saves him after getting stabbed in the heart by using her magic tears, which they then live happily ever after.

3 Beast Beast

A beast put under a terrible curse at age 11, and was about to die by the last pedal at age 21. He fell in love with a beautiful outcast named Belle, who also loved him in return despite being a beast. He got turned back into a human (along with everyone else) and is now called Prince Adam, who lived happily ever after with his savior Belle.

4 John Smith

A man of a different tribe and race from Pocahontas. He said that he’d rather die tomorrow than live 100 years without knowing Pocahontas. He must really care, and so must Pocahontas since she saved him from being killed by her father

5 Prince Eric Prince Eric Prince Eric is a Disney character that makes an appearance in the 1989 disney film called the little mermaid. He is married to ariel by the end of the movie and is a royal kind-hearted prince.

Ariel saved this man from being passed out by singing to him, thus making him wake up somehow. Not only does he bring her into his castle to stay, but he also saves her by killing Ursula after finding out she was really a mermaid. Then they live happily ever after when Ariel decided to stay as a human forever and marry him.

6 Prince Philip

Classic Prince Charming that falls in love with Aurora by finding her in the woods and singing a duet with her. He slays a dragon (basically killing it), then saves his new love with a kiss. They then get together (having to get married because of royal blood rule) and live happily ever after.

7 Hercules Hercules

Born from the Gods, he becomes strong with his trainer and grows up to be a super strong one. He falls in love with a strong lady named Megara that doesn’t act like a damsel in distress. Not only does he try to help her and save her a couple of different times, but he decides to stay on earth with her rather than being a God in “their heaven” because they love each other.

8 Prince Edward Prince Edward

Most unoriginal Disney Prince (doesn’t mean he’s bad though he’s pretty good), that falls in love with a beautiful girl named Gazelle. Plot twist: Ends up marrying someone else when he gets into the real world trying to find Gazelle for their wedding. But that’s okay! Because Gazelle also found love in the real world when he met a man with a daughter (who’s mother died) that allowed her to stay with him. Happy ending! :D

9 Prince Naveen Prince Naveen

A charming Prince that gets all the ladies, except for one girl named Tiana that’s focused on her dream restaurant for her dead father. This guy meets her as a frog from a curse by the voodoo man (the villain), when Tiana decides to kiss her but it fails because she’s not actually a princess. After lots of trouble, sad situations, and moments of pain, they finally kiss at their wedding (because they’re getting married from love) and turn back to humans!

10 Li Shang

Not into Prince Charming? How about a warrior and leader of a group of men for war? That’s Li Shang! He meets Milan when she disguised herself as a man to protect her elderly father from war. After lots of mishaps and trouble, they get together at the end with Li Shang showing his love by saying she fights good. Anyway, he’s different and strong.

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