Top Ten Animated Disney Princess Movies

The Top Ten Animated Disney Princess Movies

1 Beauty and the Beast (1991)

My top 10:
1 Beauty and the beast
2 Moana
3 pocahontas
4 mulan
5 tangled
6 aladin
7 the princess and the frog
8 snow white
9 frozen
10 cinderella

I love beauty and the beast as I explained everywhere that this movie is beautiful I loved lion king but sorry lion king beauty and the beast just replaced you still lion king is a beautiful disney movie, lion king is ranked as my #3 favorite Disney moviie so lion king has a good placement, back to topic beauty and the beast had a great moral had beautiful songs to move it along can’t say the same for Hercules and Tarzan. - Lovefromanothergalaxy

2 The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid got disney it’s mojo back and I can see why watchmojo has this ranked as their 4th favorite animated movie and higher than lion king. Sure Ariel is sort of stupid but we can say that this movie saved disney - Lovefromanothergalaxy

3 Tangled

Rapunzel is a jumpy and great Disney princess basically the story of rapunzel but better and less darker - Lovefromanothergalaxy

4 The Princess and the Frog

Best love all the songs I cried when Ray died because he was so happy you would never expect him to die also best villan I my opinion I loved his sog

70 years I and finally disney made a black princess, Why is this movie so underrated? It’s beautiful and amazing Tiana is still one of the best disney princesses and this movie I saw still one of the best disney movies - Lovefromanothergalaxy

5 Aladdin

I loved the genie in this movie he’s is definitely the best character in this entire movie the genie was amazing while aladdinand jasmine were good characters the genie stole the show, - Lovefromanothergalaxy

6 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The very first Disney movie and the cutest of them all, - Lovefromanothergalaxy

7 Mulan

Mulan is my favourite Disney princess of all time she is strong, smart and amazing I found aladdin to be a good movie but compared to Mulan aladdin was not as good in my opinion. The story of a warrior princess was really good and beautiful and cool mushu is a great character that had to get ruined in the sequel - Lovefromanothergalaxy

It’s different from the others. This time, it’s not those “perfect and pretty” princesses. - Not_A_Weeaboo

8 Cinderella

The story of Cinderella and sleeping beauty would never get old - Lovefromanothergalaxy

This movie is for everyone. when you watch it you never forget it

9 Sleeping Beauty
10 Moana

The Contenders

11 Aladdin and the King of Thieves
12 Pocahontas
13 Alice in Wonderland
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