Top 10 Animated Disney Villain Potential Couples

Let's exclude heroes and female protagonists of the list and focus on Villains of the Disney Universe. I doesn't have to be 2 villains in the same movie. It can be from 2 different films.

The Top Ten

1 Chernabog and Maleficent Chernabog and Maleficent

This is the best, obvious, and more sensible couple compared to other Disney villains. Chernabog and Maleficent have a lot of things in common more than others Disney Villains: They ruled and bossed other villains, they create dark magic, they’re demons, they have horns on their heads, they use flames for their powers, they can fly (if Maleficent was a dragon), they are extremely powerful, and they the most evil beings in the Disney Universe. Heck they can become the same size, if Maleficent changes into a Dragon. They’ve been working together in Kingdom Keepers, they fell in love in House of Villains, they use other villains to help them kill Mickey in Fantasmic. They are a unstoppable force. That’s what makes these 2 a perfect Disney Villain Couple. Definitely number 1. - asantalo

2 Jafar and The Evil Queen

I just love this couple a lot. Jafar might be a great boyfriend to Evil Queen, it's just my own idea. - asantalo

3 Hades and Ursula

They're films should have a Crossover

They do have something in common, they both collect souls (Hades collect dead souls of the people on earth, while Ursula collects merfolk souls after they don't pay her the price with deals), they have minions that are 2 (Hades has Pain and Panic, Ursula has Flotsam and Jetsam), they don’t have normal legs (Hades has some smoke or like whatever it is that has no legs, and Ursula has Tentacles), and not to mention that they both live in their worlds that's not Earth or somewhere in sights. Plus they're some sorta gods, (In the early script, Ursula and Morgana were meant to be poseidon's daughters, and Hades is related to him as a brother). So I think they can make a great couple. - asantalo

4 Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil

Their movies are connected. They're both British, and their films take place in London. That's what makes them a perfect couple. - asantalo

No... Poor Captain Hook.. Him and Queen of Hearts. Anyone but Curella De Vil or Mademe Madusa.. Anyone! T-T

He hates children, she kills puppies.. it’s perfect! There’s a match not made in heaven

5 Judge Claude Frollo and Lady Tremaine

I did not made this up, it's the fact that people love this idea, and I do too. - asantalo

6 Scar and Zira

They're just evil lions that want to destroy the Pride Lands. - asantalo

7 Gaston and Mother Gothel

People love this idea. - asantalo

8 Dr. Faciler and Nasira

They do create magic, Nasira is Jafar's sister and she is somewhat dangerous. I think she'll make a great couple with Dr. Faciler. - asantalo

9 Oogie Boogie and Yzma

I came up with that idea. - asantalo

10 Dr. Facilier and Morgana

The Contenders

11 Jafar and Maleficent
12 Jafar and Evil Queen

I only saw some fan art on this. There are one fanfics. I totally ship it.

13 Judge Claude Frollo and Mother Gothel
14 Horned King and Morgana

They're both underrated, forgotten, though they create their own magic, and they're too cruel. - asantalo

15 Oogie Boogie and Queen of Hearts
16 Hades and Maleficent
17 Dr. Facilier and Yzma
18 Gaston and Helga Sinclair
19 Shere Khan and Mirage (Aladdin TV Show)
20 Prince John and Mirage (Aladdin TV Show)
21 Dr. Facilier and Mother Gothel
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