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1 Tom vs Jerry

Tom (Cat) vs Jerry (Mouse) - richie_rocks

2 Peter Griffin vs The Chicken

There have been many of them. That's probably why it's become something of an iconic fight in Family Guy at least. - jezza0

Nothing like a good old fashioned punch up. Much more simpler than all those crap martial arts animations.

American everyman vs advertising salesman. There have been at least 4 fights involving these 2 alone.

3 Kyle Vs Cartman
4 Gromit vs Feathers McGraw

Criminal penguin (Feathers McGraw), vs Wallace's ever loyal mute Beagle (Gromit) on an epic train chase. - jezza0

It featured one of the most epic train chases in the history of animation.

5 Pain vs Naruto

Pain (Rinnegan eye) vs Naruto (Nine-tailed beast) - richie_rocks

6 Homer vs Bart

Homer strangles Bart with the phone wire while Bart however bashes Homer on the head with the phone reciever. Priceless

7 Ben Tennyson vs Vilgax V 1 Comment
8 Groudon vs Kyogre

Groudon (Fire-type Pokemon) vs Kyogre (Water-type Pokemon) - richie_rocks

9 Perry the Platypus vs Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Perry the Platypus (Secret agent platypus) vs Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Evil pharmacist) - richie_rocks

10 Bender vs Zoidberg

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11 Sasuke vs Itachi

The death of the brothers.
Sasuke (Sharingan eye) vs Itachi (Sharingan eye) - richie_rocks

12 Sylvester vs Tweety Pie
13 Rayquaza vs Deoxys

Rayquaza (Various-type Pokemon) vs Deoxys (Various-type Pokemon) - richie_rocks

14 Yosemite Sam vs Bugs Bunny
15 Mario vs Bowser

Mario (Fire-type Pokemon) vs Bowser (Dino-king) - richie_rocks

16 Elmer Fudd vs Daffy Duck
17 Zuko vs. Azula V 1 Comment
18 Tarzan vs Clayton

Tarzan (Apeman) vs Clayton (Antagonist British character) - richie_rocks

19 Goku vs Frieza

He is the hope of the universe. The answer to all living things that cry out for peace. Ally to good nightmare to you. He is son goku and he is a SUPER SAIYAN!

20 Donald Duck vs Chip & Dale
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