Top Ten Animated Girls Who Would Look Good with Tape Over Their Mouths


The Top Ten

1 Tara Boumdeay (Attack of The Killer Tomatoes) Tara Boumdeay (Attack of The Killer Tomatoes)
2 Luna (Scooby Doo)
3 Shanelle Spencer (Beverly Hills Teens) Shanelle Spencer (Beverly Hills Teens) Shanelle Spencer is a character from the 1987 DiC Cartoon, Beverly Hills Teens. She is the only black character in the series, and also the most levelheaded of all the characters whether male or female. Shanelle serves as Chairperson of the town's own Teen Club, she is a Grade "A" student and successful more.
4 Angelica (Sky Dancers) Angelica (Sky Dancers)
5 Judy Neutron (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron)
6 Charmaine (6teen)
7 Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls) Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls) Pacifica Northwest is a character in the cartoon Gravity Falls made by Alex Hirsch. She's known for being rich and hating Mabel.
8 Goldie Gold (Goldie Gold & Action Jack)
9 Raya (Jem and The Holograms)
10 Larke Tanner (Beverly Hills Teens) Larke Tanner (Beverly Hills Teens)

The Contenders

11 Pretty (Kaeloo)

Kaeloo is an awesome show, but Pretty is the worst and meanest character on it and she always insults poor Kaeloo and Stumpy for no reason.

They should take her off the show, honestly.

She always makes fun of people for being ugly or poor, and unlike the other villains, she's not funny.

Worst Kaeloo villain ever. At least Mr. Cat, Stumpy and Olaf are funny.

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12 Lammy (Um Jammer Lammy) Lammy (Um Jammer Lammy)
13 Kaeloo (Kaeloo)

I know she's the main character and all, but seriously, even the characters in-universe tell her to shut up and stop being so annoying.

She always bosses everyone around and holds them to ridiculously high standards that even she herself can't meet. I honestly prefer Mr. Cat and Stumpy.

14 Dora (Dora The Explorer) Dora (Dora The Explorer) Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer". Her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend, Boots.
15 Rachel (Les Sisters)

She's a horrible person, she doesn't just pick on Wendy, she picks on Marine and her friends too, even though they're only in like second grade or something.

She always picks on Wendy and acts superior to her and everyone else.

16 Peg Pete (Goof Troop) Peg Pete (Goof Troop)
17 Tricia Holmes (6teen)
18 Emma (Stoked)
19 Mrs. Anybody (Mr. Bogus)
20 Shank (Ralph Breaks the Internet)
21 Crystal Zilla (My Dad The Rock Star) Crystal Zilla (My Dad The Rock Star)
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