Top 10 Animated Movie Characters Who Deserved Better

For this list we will be looking at the characters from animated movies who deserved better then the fates they were given or characters who overcome impossible odds and horrible treatment before finding their happy endings.

The Top Ten

1 Tadashi Hamada - Big Hero 6 Tadashi Hamada is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 54th animated feature, Big Hero 6. The film is inspired by a Marvel comic book of the same name.

He dies trying to save professor Callagan only to find out that Callagan survived using Hiro's stolen technology and worse Callagan literally shows no empathy that Tadashi died trying to save his life which really sets off Hiro who literally watched his own brother died trying to save him who commanded Baymax to try and destroy him.

he didn't have to die, that was so sad I never watched the movie again

2 Hector Rivera - Coco

Has his life ruined for no good reason and nearly suffers the final death until Miguel is able to get his daughter Coco to remember him long enough so that she can pass down his stories and memories and prevent Hector from being forgotten before her passing.

3 Aggie Prenderghast - ParaNorman

Was wrongfully convicted by the town council who mistook her powers for witchcraft and was executed because of it.

4 Martha Dracula - Hotel Transylvania

Was killed by humans who consider all monsters as a threat.

5 Nani Pelekai - Lilo and Stitch

She was put in a situation she wasn't ready to handle with the death of her and Lilo's parents and now having to be Lilo's legal guardian as she desperately tries to prove to the social worker that she's a good guardian to her sister but problems outside of her control threaten that.

6 Whitey Duvall - Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights

Aside from being one of the most annoying characters in an animated movie the poor guy deserved a lot better then what he got for most of the movie as he constantly goes out of his way to help others only to receive horrible treatment from the people especially from Davy who is merciless with his torment towards Whitey and it was pretty sad when Whitey doesn't get the Dukesberry All Star Patch which has eluded him for over 35 years especially after all the good he's done for the town only to have his acknowledgements ignored.

7 Lampwick - Pinocchio

Pretty much him and all the boys on Pleasure Island didn't deserve a fate this cruel of being turned into donkeys and forced into slave labor.

8 Fievel Mousekewitz - An American Tail

He gets separated form his family and spends a rest of the movie trying to find him only find himself in one situation after another as he he gets sold off to a sweat shop owner by Warren T. Rat and eventually he escapes and meets up with Tony and Bridgette who agree to help him find his family but they fail to do so until near the end of the movie not to mention that his parents don't even bother to look for him thinking that he was dead despite Tanya being sure he's still alive at one point he is forced to face the reality that he'll never find his family after being separated from Tony and Bridgette before finally reuniting with his family in the end.

9 Little Foot's Mother - The Land Before Time

Just like Bambi's mom Little Foot's mom's life was short lived as she dies saving her son from the Sharptooth leaving him on his own to find his way to the Great Valley after an earthquake separates him and the other young dinosaurs from their family.

10 Balto - Balto

An outcast who is shunned not only by the people of Nome, Alaska but the other wolves as well all Balto wants to do his help out when the children become sick and a dog sled team is needed to bring the medicine to the town but no one is willing to give him a chance and even his rival Steele prevents him from trying to help out.

The Contenders

11 Japeth - Hoodwinked Too!

This guy got the raw end of the deal in the first movie he was a pretty interesting character but in the sequel he's role is reduced to being a punching bag as every time he's on screen he something bad happens to him as he often gets crushed by something or someone.

12 Itchy Itchiford - All Dogs Go to Heaven

Itchy ends up getting dragged into Charlie's scheme of stealing Anne Marie from Carface in order to use her gift of talking to animals to gamble and make money so that they can open up their own casino and put Carface out of business and Itchy was against the idea from the start knowing that taking the girl would upset Carface as he later shows up at their casino with his goons as Itchy is left all alone and attack him and blow up their casino and when Itchy tells Charlie this he doesn't seem to care about what Itchy's been through and continues to want to use Anne Marie despite Itchy's objection.

13 Thumbelina - Thumbelina

Throughout the movie Thumbelina spends most of the movie being lost as she tries to find her way home and is constantly being stopped by other characters who want to use her for their own selfish needs such as Mrs. Toad who kidnapped her in order to get her to marry her son Grundel so that they can exploit her singing and make money, is taken away by Barkley Beetle for the beetle ball where she is later humiliated due to not being what the beetles call beautiful and later after being taken in by Ms. Field mouse during winter she tries to arrange a marriage between Thumbelina and Mr. Mole as he plans to pay her money for setting up the arrangements.

14 Elsa - Frozen Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

she was locked up for years, her mom and dad died, her life was so sad

15 Emmet - The LEGO Movie

why is everybody so mean to him he's a awesome little dude

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