Best Animated Movies From 2003-2012


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1 Finding Nemo


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2 Up

Best movie of 2009 - NEVV092701

Pretty good

3 The Incredibles

Best movie of 2004. it was a hard decision between shark tale the incredibles or the spongebob movie - NEVV092701

I'll admit. I actually love Shark Tale mainly because of its late 20th Century hip-hop esque aspects of several cultures. But yeah, The Incredibles is the best of 2004 movies and I can predict Animat's list of "Top 5 Best & Worst Animated Movies of 2004".

4 Ratatouille

Much better than Michael bays version of transformers because megan fox was terrible in that movie

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5 Over the Hedge

I love this movie along with Ratatouille, Up, Wreck-It Ralph, Rio and Despicable Me.

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6 Madagascar V 1 Comment
7 Wall-E

The REAL best animated movie of 2008.

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8 Despicable Me

Best movie of 2010. sorry guys I could choose which one was better - NEVV092701

9 Wreck-It Ralph

The Lorax, best movie of 2012? Hell no, Wreck-It Ralph makes mincemeat out of that movie.

Nemo is getting old now... Wreck it Ralph is better

This stomps the competition away

10 The Simpsons Movie

Come on 11, it should be at least among the top five (5)

Alwesome movie

The Contenders

11 Kung Fu Panda V 1 Comment
12 Horton Hears a Who V 1 Comment
13 Batman: Under the Red Hood
14 Toy Story 3
15 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax V 2 Comments
16 Shark Tale

I must go to this movie's setting. It is heavily reminiscent to Disney Channel, the Archie Comics, the Super Mario World ROM hacks, the retro games and et cetera et cetera (AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH)!

Greatest Anime out there!

17 Rio V 2 Comments
18 How to Train Your Dragon
19 Rango

The funniest western of all time. Blazing Saddles had dumb fart jokes and stuff.

This movie has no bathroom humor even though Nickelodeon literally made this!

20 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
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