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1 Zootopia

Humorous and definitely both kids and adults would enjoy. Zootopia also teaches life lessons about being yourself, believing in your dreams, and discrimination, with amazing and funny characters that everyone can relate to, AND it has a catchy song! There is no questioning why this film was the favorite

Zootopia is A BEATIFUL MASTERPIECE. Fist off the animation this is THE BEST ANIMATION DISNEY HAS EVER DONE I love it how the city Zootopia is made it makes the city great for big animals and small animals. Second the characters Judy Hopps want to police officer despite being a bunny and the rest being bigger animals like wolves, tigers and elephants and I was rooting for her during the entire movie. Nick Wilde is con-artist fox at first Him and Judy are enemies but when they have to work together to solve a missing case they become better friends we soon learn about nicks backstory about when He was a kid He wanted to be in a group when though He was going to be the only fox but the other animals didn't take it too well a lot of people can relate to that.Third the music Try Everything has become one of my favourite Disney songs of all time I just love the nice beat to it and last but not least the message this message is just BEATIFUL. Don't give up what you are doing instead you ...more

Hands down the best animated movie of the year. - LarkwingFlight

This is definitely the best animated movie of 2016. My list goes:
1. Zootopia
2. Finding Dory
3. Moana
4. Kubo and the Two Strings (which I just watched today)
All four of them are in my top ten films of the year, and were absolutely amazing in numerous ways.

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2 Kubo and the Two Strings V 2 Comments
3 Moana Moana

This should be number one! Zootopia was really cute and fun, but it just didn't click with me as a Disney Classic. This, however, did! The beautiful and fun songs, the stunning animation, the clever writing, and fun characters make this a modern masterpiece.

Are you kidding me norm of the north is 8 but this is 15 is this a joke?

I love this movie bring it higher! I like it better than zootopia.

Wow, so I just found out that Moana resembling her voice actor, Auli'i Cravalho, is just a coincidence!
This movie was awesome! Nice plot twist at the end. Gorgeous animation. Good music (I was stuck on Moana's theme song for awhile). And it was cool seeing Polynesian culture mythology. Moana may be my new favorite Disney princess! - eventer51314

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4 Finding Dory
5 Kung Fu Panda 3
6 The Secret Life of Pets

I liked this movie it wasn't the best thing ever but at least it wasn't as overrated as Zootopia was which I'm not surprised seeing that Zootopia is number 1 on this list - christangrant

7 Batman: The Killing Joke

I love this movie. Put this on number 1 please. - asantalo

8 Sausage Party

The most daring animovie ever made. You have to admit that lt's hilarious. It also proves once & for all that animation can be enjoyed by adults & adolescents alike. There are actually people deluded enough to think that animation is only for kids. Sausage Party is a slap to these idiots faces.

Why is this on the top ten? it's a disgusting movie about food porn!

9 The Angry Birds Movie

This movie hasn't appeared on the big screen yet, but it looks like the best game movie of all time! Did Angry Birds deserve that? Yes, but I could think of 50 other games that deserve a good movie and are better than Angry Birds - Martinglez

Awesome movie it isn't as good as zootopia but its still awesome - VideoGamefan5

The legendary game exits the little screen for the big screen!

Lol, Newcomers - VideoGamefan5

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10 Sing

The trailers are awesome I mean really awesome.

This should a lot higher this was super good movie

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11 Storks

People should have known that in a movie about delivering babies, there would be some innuendos.

However, I love this movie, and whenever the wolves were on screen, my whole family just lost it. - Absolite

12 The Little Prince

Although I totally agree with the little prince not being on this list, I think it's safe to say that this movie said so many things about adults and children today. I think children, wonderful as they are, deserve to be children! I feel like the little prince opened our eyes, saying that people are just too serious nowadays, that we don't have time to just be the kid we are on the inside. Really a tearjerker.

This is a touching movie. You should check it out.

13 Ratchet and Clank V 1 Comment
14 Justice League vs. Teen Titans
15 Only Yesterday
16 Tamayura Part 4
17 Batman: Bad Blood V 1 Comment
18 Inside Out

Same thing as The Good Dinosaur, this movie came out in 2015

19 Trolls

It Actually Ended Up Really Good

Oh yeah it did! Should be #1! Why is that sausage party crap ahead of this? Best movie ever! I know not many people will agree, but it's my favorite. Who decideted to put sausage party ahead of this is a ingnorent moron, that's the worst adult animated movie ever-trollsfan536

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20 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of the Everfree
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1. Batman: The Killing Joke
1. Zootopia
2. Kubo and the Two Strings
3. Moana
1. Zootopia
2. Kubo and the Two Strings
3. Kung Fu Panda 3

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