Best Animated Movies of 2019

On this list you can vote for which animated movies you think were the best in the year of 2019. This year geared up with a lot of blockbuster animations such as Toy Story 4, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Frozen II, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, etc.

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1 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4 Product Image

This was wonderful. A wonderful conclusion to one of the greatest animated movie franchises ever. So original and the animation is stunningly impressive, especially compared to not just the other Toy Story movies, but also Incredibles 2, a pixar movie released just one year before. Lots of people think the series should've ended after 3, but if you ask me, that was just the beginning of the final adventure. This is the true conclusion and a sequel to this is highly unlikely. I think Toy Story 2 is still the best Toy Story movie but this is a close second certainly.

Sequel to Toy Story 3 and the fourth installment overall in the Toy Story series

Why do people hate on it when it's not released yet?

Going to suck. If it's good, most likely will still be very unnecessary.

2 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Product Image

I love this movie. The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is amazing and one of the few to kill off main characters without them having a chance of coming back. It ended the franchise beautifully, with the words at the beginning of the first book being repeated once again, with him having children and being an old, grizzled chieftain. It was honestly the hardest I cried at a movie ever. Not even Endgame hit me in the feels harder.

This is better than what haters think. This is a good film that is better than DreamWorks Home and Illumination's The Grinch. Home and The Grinch are both the worst and they both are bland that blames everything on this innocent film.

HTTYD the series as a whole has so many applications to real life, and it just touches your soul

This has been an integral part of my childhood. I'm excited to see what they have done with the final installment for this epic trilogy, and I thank all of the wonderful people who have dedicated these past 10 years to forming mine, and a number of others lives.

3 Frozen 2 Frozen 2 Product Image

Uses the same character leaving cliche for the third sequel in a row. I am not surprised at all.

I am a Frozen hater but I'm going to give this one chance. The animation looks amazing and the idea of making this dark and mature rather than a kiddie musical movie is a great idea.

Excited I am for this movie. I loved the first one so this might be awesome to watch as well

This movie is pretty good! I like how it expands on the original and clearing up major plot-holes from the original, in fact I'd say this was better than the original, although I still have my nostalgia for the first movie.

4 Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon

I never knew Shaun The Sheep was getting a sequel! Cool!

Coming out next year.

Sequel to Shaun The Sheep Movie and the eight movie made by Aardman

This will be good. It's Aardman, after all

5 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Resurrection Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Resurrection Product Image

An amazing film.

6 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Product Image

Meh this was generic. Slapstick humour, over-merchandising and uninteresting plot made me not like it much. I did like the twist villain though and how Emmet was actually the main villain the whole time, but it wasn't that well executed.

I love this movie. The animation is perfect, this movie is so much better than the movies above it.

Hey, Lego Movie is 100 times better than the Playmobile movie in my respectful opinion.

Even the Playmobil Movie is better than this and all Lego movies combined.

7 Batman: Hush Batman: Hush Product Image
8 The Secret Life of Pets 2 The Secret Life of Pets 2 Product Image

Max's voice doesn't sound right

I can't wait to see this movie!

9 The Angry Birds Movie 2 The Angry Birds Movie 2 Product Image

I LIKE It how Stella and Hal got a bit more major!

Who doesn't love this movie?

Better than the first

Chuck does a Fortnite dance at the end.

10 Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

At last, the greatest 2000s alien life form gets the comeback he deserves!


While a bit more dark humor can suffice. This is a near perfect return of zim comment by [dwn-066 tornado man]

The Contenders

11 Abominable Abominable Product Image

A Dreamworks animated movie originally titled Everest about Mount Everest

12 Steven Universe: The Movie Steven Universe: The Movie Product Image

Top 5 at least hell top 3 even as this movie took everything amazing about the show and took it to a cinematic level even thought it was a TV movie. By the way CN is stupid to not put this in theatres and instead the put the dumbass teen titans go movie in theatres which makes 0 sense.

It shows how Steven has matured over past years and the singing was amazing, I was mostly impressed. Happily Ever After was my favorite song in the movie.

Honestly one of the few animated films this year worth noting. It takes everything that makes the series great and packages it into this celebratory and heartfelt 90 minute T.V. musical.

Amazing movie

13 Missing Link Missing Link Product Image

Great film made by an underrated studio

Really hyped for this

A stop-motion animated movie made by Laika

Laika is awesome

14 Reign of the Supermen Reign of the Supermen Product Image

This is a great movie.. I love it..Especially The Eradicator...So be sure to watch this or "Be Eradicated"...

15 The Addams Family The Addams Family Product Image

Full of pop culture references and nothing else.

16 Klaus

Easily the best Christmas movie I have ever seen, and the orchestral version of Zara Larsson's "Invisible" in a pivotal moment of the film is one of the best pieces of music written for film of the decade

17 Playmobil: The Movie Playmobil: The Movie Product Image

Ended up watching it weeks before opening night in my country. Might watch it again.

When this comes out on Dvd, I will get it legally and watch it on my computer and screen record it, cut out the Fortnite scene and burn it onto a disc titled Playmobil: The Movie: Fortnite Sucks Edition for personal home use only.

Take the Fortnite bit out and I will go on opening night and buy the Dvd the day it makes it's way onto the store shelves and I will buy the whole set of the pop vinyls if they make some.

An animated movie based on the playmobil toys, which are childhood to me

18 I Lost My Body
19 Wonder Park Wonder Park Product Image
20 Weathering with You
21 Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans Product Image
22 Ejen Ali

Really cool film

nice movie

23 Boboiboy the Movie 2
24 Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling
25 Joshua and the Promised Land Joshua and the Promised Land Product Image

Wasn’t this atrocity from 2003?

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