Top 10 Best Animated Movies of the 21st Century


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1 Toy Story 3

One of the only movies that has ever made me cry - dlbk03

2 Finding Nemo

Hold Up. THis is the Greatest movie of all time in my opinion under Nothing

3 Wreck-It Ralph
4 Turbo

Eh... - naFrovivuS

5 Frozen

I despise this movie!

6 Inside Out

This movie is my favorite it's funny cute and emotional hey I'd rather watch this 100 times instead of frozen

Cars 2 is higher? - Triceratops

7 Zootopia

The best watch it sure you wont regret this

8 Despicable Me 2
9 Ratatouille
10 Finding Dory

The Contenders

11 Tangled
12 Planes

Why Planes

13 Up
14 Cars 2
15 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Better than the second movie to be honest, why put it lower, this deserves to be above the second movie.

16 Monsters Inc.

Come on! get this to #1! - itskenny

17 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Gamer231, You're Not Alone, I Hate That 20th Century Fox Is Milking Once A Great Franchise

Boo this movie sucks big time - Gamer231

18 Despicable Me
19 The Simpsons Movie
20 Brave

It's the only Pixar movie I didn;t enjoy why is it o this list?

21 Cars 3
22 Rio 2

I am very sensitive to mean comments as well. They infuriate me. I give Rio 2 a 7/10 (a 9 for the animation, a 9 for the sound, a 4 for the story and a 5 for the characters). I'll take a Rio sequel over an Ice Age sequel any day. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Very Underrated
Respect My Opinion Because Mean Comments I Am Very Sensitive To.

23 Puss in Boots
24 Monsters University
25 Norm of the North

Who would vote for this piece of crap?

26 The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
27 Rio
28 The Incredibles
30 Ice Age
31 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
32 How to Train Your Dragon

Oh, I love this movie! And that dragon is adorable. - pandagirl

33 The Lego Movie

Last? LAST? This movie was so awesome!

34 The Princess and the Frog
35 Brother Bear
36 Shrek 2
37 Chicken Little
38 Despicable Me 3
39 Lilo & Stitch
40 Shrek
41 Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!
42 Cars

Who couldn’t like this fun little adventure about learning to slow down and appreciate life whilst still having fun. Best Pixar film.

43 Chicken Run
44 The Angry Birds Movie
45 Minions
46 Trolls
47 Moana

This is the greatest movie I've ever seen! I love you Dwayne Johnson!

48 Coraline

This movie scared me to death when I was little! - pandagirl

49 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
50 Disney's a Christmas Carol
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1. Cars 3
2. Zootopia
3. Toy Story 3
1. Monsters Inc.
2. Puss in Boots
3. Norm of the North
1. Finding Nemo
2. Finding Dory
3. Ratatouille

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