Top 10 Best Animated Movies of the 21st Century


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1 Toy Story 3

One of the only movies that has ever made me cry - dlbk03

2 Turbo

Eh... - naFrovivuS

3 Inside Out

Cars 2 is higher? - Triceratops

4 The Simpsons Movie
5 Zootopia

The best watch it sure you wont regret this

6 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Gamer231, You're Not Alone, I Hate That 20th Century Fox Is Milking Once A Great Franchise

Boo this movie sucks big time - Gamer231

7 Wreck-It Ralph
8 Rio 2

I am very sensitive to mean comments as well. They infuriate me. I give Rio 2 a 7/10 (a 9 for the animation, a 9 for the sound, a 4 for the story and a 5 for the characters). I'll take a Rio sequel over an Ice Age sequel any day. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Very Underrated
Respect My Opinion Because Mean Comments I Am Very Sensitive To.

9 Finding Nemo

Hold Up. THis is the Greatest movie of all time in my opinion under Nothing

10 Despicable Me 2

The Newcomers

? Over the Hedge

The Contenders

11 Planes V 1 Comment
12 Cars 2
13 Frozen

I despise this movie!

14 Despicable Me
15 Rio
16 Ratatouille
17 Wall-E
18 Tangled
19 Up
20 The Lego Movie

Last? LAST? This movie was so awesome!

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1. Zootopia
2. Toy Story 3
3. The Simpsons Movie
1. Ice Age: Continental Drift
2. Rio 2
3. Toy Story 3
1. Wall-E
2. The Simpsons Movie
3. Inside Out

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