Top Ten Animated Movies (First Movie Only)


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1 Finding Nemo

Finding Dory was slightly better, But this is memorable and great too. - darthvadern

2 The Lion King

Great but overrated movie - darthvadern

3 Charlotte's Web (1973)
4 How to Train Your Dragon

So memorable and funny. - darthvadern

5 Toy Story

This will always be a classic - who couldn't instantly love Toy Story? - Entranced98

I love this! - darthvadern

6 The Fox and the Hound
7 Bambi
8 Hotel Transylvania

This is my favourite animated movie of all time - darthvadern

That movie was terrible

9 The Rescuers

Great movie and animation style reminds me of Winnie the Pooh - darthvadern

10 The Little Mermaid

The Contenders

11 Cars

It's an awesomne film like it's sequel. - darthvadern

12 Dumbo
13 Despicable Me

The second one and the prequel was better, but this one still rocked. - darthvadern

14 Shrek

It's a very good movie, but the second and the third is much better. - darthvadern

SOMEbody once told me - VFD

15 Aladdin
16 Monsters, Inc.

One of Pixar's best - darthvadern

17 Planes

Planes is so underrated, I love this film. - darthvadern

18 The Incredibles

Eh, it was one of the worse Pixar movies in my opinion - darthvadern

19 The Lego Movie

Overrated - darthvadern

20 Lady and the Tramp
21 Rio

Much better than the crap they call Rio 2. - darthvadern

22 Kung Fu Panda

Such a memorable movie! - darthvadern

23 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
24 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Both this and the sequel were amazing masterpieces that deserve attention, I thought the sequel was slightly better but this one's almost as good - darthvadern

25 Oliver & Company
26 Madagascar

The first one was awesomne, the second one really knocked off, but the third one was meh. - darthvadern

27 Wall-E

Pixar's best movie so far - darthvadern

28 Ratatouille

One of Pixar's best as you get so hungry watching it - darthvadern

29 The Jungle Book

Sequel is better but I like this one too - darthvadern

30 Shaun the Sheep Movie

Great movie by the great Aardman - darthvadern

31 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Hilarious! - Entranced98

32 Pokemon the First Movie
33 Wreck-It Ralph

It's pretty much impossible to hate it - darthvadern

34 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
35 Pinocchio
36 Inside Out

"Striving for Originality", what the slogan should be for the movie - darthvadern

37 The Simpsons Movie
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1. Hotel Transylvania
2. Wall-E
3. Ratatouille
1. Finding Nemo
2. Charlotte's Web (1973)
3. The Lion King
1. Toy Story
2. How to Train Your Dragon
3. The Lion King

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