Best Animated Movies Not Made by DreamWorks or Disney


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21 Up

The best part of this movie was the first 10 minutes - Ajkloth

It's a Disney movie.


22 Minions

I like this movie it needs more love.

Frozen lover.

Underrated by the gosh darn peanuts who had a movie that year

23 Doogal

This sucked! Why is it on here?

Why this here

24 Rango
25 Charlotte's Web

Way better than the Brazillian ripoff.

26 Monsters University


27 The Adventures of Tintin

I actually enjoyed this movie when I was younger.

28 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Great family movie!

29 Anastasia

This is Disney. Read the website name properly. It says "Best Animated Movie NOT MADE BY DREAMWORKS OR Disney." I like it, but it should not be here. I suggest you put it on "Best Disney Animated Film"

Best movie! Legit thought this was disney for the longest time. Great music, and one of my faves as a kid!

30 The Land Before Time
31 Finding Nemo

This is made by Disney. This list is for non Disney or Dreamworks movies.

What this is disney
Disney and pixar are @£***%#¥

32 Hotel Transylvania
33 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
34 Spirited Away
35 Paranorman
36 My Neighbor Totoro
37 Toy Story

Awesome movie for kids, and this movie takes place in Ohio where I was born! - Ajkloth

Technically Pixar is Disney

38 Toy Story 3

It's Disney

39 Toy Story 2

This is technically not Disney. Cause it was made 11 years before Disney bought Pixar

It's Disney

40 A Bug's Life


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