Top 10 Animated Movies that Should've Been Nominated for Best Picture

With the Oscars coming up, I figured I'd make a list about them. I've mentioned before that the Academy Awards seem to have a bias against animation. Which is quite odd when you think about it. Animated films always end up on several "Best Of" lists and if done well, they can appeal to adults as much as children. So far, only three animated movies have been nominated for the prestigious Best Picture award. They are Beauty and the Beast in 1991, Up in 2009, and Toy Story 3 in 2010. The movies on this list have received widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences, but have received little to no recognition from the Academy outside of the "Best Animated Feature" category. Here are the best animated films to not get a Best Picture nomination.

NOTE: These movies are not necessarily ranked in terms of their individual quality. They're more ranked in terms of how much they were snubbed by the nominations committee.

The Top Ten

1 Toy Story

Umm...Where's Toy Story 3 in this list? You're kinda joking, aren't you? - Victoryboy

It was already nominated for Best Picture, therefore it doesn't qualify for this list. - phillysports

This really should have won!

1995 Best Picture Nominees:
Braveheart (winner)
Apollo 13
Sense and Sensibility
Il Postino: The Postman

Toy Story is a truly groundbreaking film in the history of cinema. As the first completely computer-animated film ever made, it brought in tons of critical praise, was a massive financial success, and most importantly, it announced to the world that a little studio named Pixar was going to change family films forever. It's not even really a "kid's movie" bias that kept Toy Story out of the Best Picture nominations. Babe was actually nominated that year over it. I guess the Academy just liked talking pigs more than talking toys. - phillysports

2 The Lion King

These The Lion King haters make me laugh so hard by how pathetic they are.

The story of a cub named Simba and his family. The movie makes me cry. Should be awarded the best animated movie.

Yeah, it's still the best animated movie of all time (my opinion). At least it won 2 Oscars and got nominated for 4. - PeeledBanana

My favorite movie

3 Finding Nemo

At least return of the king won - VideoGamefan5


2003 Best Picture Nominees:
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (winner)
Lost in Translation
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Mystic River

Anyone who is a fan of animation has seen Finding Nemo. It's an immortal classic and one of the most beloved films of all time, let alone animated films. We all knew that Lord of the Rings was going to eventually win Best Picture, but it would have been nice to see this underwater adventure get a little bit of higher recognition from Oscar voters. At least it walked away with a Best Original Screenplay nomination. - phillysports

4 The Incredibles

2004 Best Picture Nominees:
Million Dollar Baby (winner)
The Aviator
Finding Neverland

The Incredibles is one of the most adult-oriented children's movies ever made. It features a man's midlife crisis as a major element to the story, scenes of intense action including gunfire, and dialogue that wouldn't seem out of place in a Tarantino movie (maybe it's just Samuel L. Jackson I'm hearing). With all of those elements, Pixar's impact, and the fact that critics and audiences both went nuts over it, you'd think that it would get a shot at the biggest award of the ceremony. - phillysports

5 Spirited Away

It's vary rare that a foreign language film gets nominated and Spirited Away won the animated oscar because Disney owned Studio Ghibli.

2002 Best Picture nominees
Chicago (Winner)
Gangs of New York
The Hours
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Pianist

The irony is that at the time, Disney owned Miramax as well as Studio Ghibli so Disney did have a Best Picture Oscar winner. - mom4

This is not only my favorite anime movie, but this is also my favorite movie of all time. All you need to do is see my entire review on this Hayao Miyazaki gem to know how much I love this Studio Ghibli film. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Beautiful film. One of my favorites.

Dare I point out that Spirited Away was never really a contender what with Lord of the Rings' second outing, a Martin Scorsese gang epic, a Holocaust film directed by a real life survivor Roman Polanski and eventual winner Chicago in contention.

Chicago is widely considered responsible for the re-emmergence of the movie musical. Without Chicago there would be no Mamma Mia!, Enchanted or Sunshine on Leith. - jezza0

6 Inside Out

Not my most favorite from Pixar, but it is one of my favorites from Pixar. They were really thinking outside the box with this one when it came to the psychological and emotional aspects of how humans feel emotion every day and how it affects them. And the personification of some of Riley's different emotions and the events that occur as a result of their actions really made for quite a fun watch. It's a really good combination of storytelling, great visuals, psychological depth, comedy, emotions, and amazing characters. Just goes to show you that Pixar hasn't lost its charm and will continue to maintain it in the years to come. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

To me this was the best film of 2015, a masterpiece through and through. There was no excuse to not nominate it. - SuperSonic17

At least Inside Out won the Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature - ZootopiaFan

Wow, what a masterpiece. - DCfnaf

7 Zootopia

Zootopia was very much worthy of an award I feel. Not only for story, characters, and world building but especially with the extra work that was put into actually creating new technology to allow the fur to come out so well for each individual hair on the character models.

@Videogamefan5 - Yes we get the point you think it's overrated - NOBODY CARES

It should of been nominated for most overrated movie - VideoGamefan5

Best Movie of 2016! - TwilightKitsune

8 How to Train Your Dragon

I love this movie.

2010 Best Picture Nominees:
The King's Speech (winner)
The Social Network
The Fighter
Black Swan
True Grit
Toy Story 3
127 Hours
Winter's Bone
The Kids Are Alright

I love Toy Story 3, but when it comes down to it, I believe How to Train Your Dragon is an overall better movie. The film is action-filled, funny, and looks absolutely astonishing. I think the main reason why Toy Story 3 was chosen over it was because of Pixar's larger name recognition and that it was from an established, critically-lauded franchise. Both How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3 are great films. But if I were to pick one over the other, I'd take the former. - phillysports

9 Wall-E

2008 Best Picture Nominees:
Slumdog Millionaire (Winner)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader

At least this movie deservedly won the Best Animated Feature, but this masterpiece was still declined a Best Picture nod because the Academy were too busy bumming off to 'Slumdog Millionaire'. - SuperSonic17

I know this is a little off topic of the movie on the list, but if you ask me Benjamin Button should of been the best Motion picture that year more then Slumdog Millionaire. - htoutlaws2012

10 The Iron Giant

This movie is so heartwarming and ever since I've seen it,it's been a favorite of mine. It's such a great story and is very well drawn. Unfortunately this never got the attention it deserved when it was realised.

The Contenders

11 Shrek

Shrek is love, Shrek is life

It won

Wasn't even nominated.

Best Picture nominees in Shrek's year

A Beautiful Mind
Gosford Park
In the Bedroom
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Moulin Rouge! - jezza0

12 Tangled
13 Monsters, Inc.
14 Aladdin

1992 Best Picture Nominees:
Unforgiven (winner)
A Few Good Men
The Crying Game
Howards End
Scent of a Woman

Aladdin is one of the most beloved films from what is perhaps the most beloved era in Disney animation history. It's an overall classic with great songs, a great plot, and unforgettable characters. I believe the Academy didn't want too seem redundant with having two Disney movies being nominated for Best Picture two years in a row. However, Aladdin is a fantastic film that at least should have been nominated in an unremarkable year for cinema. - phillysports

Unforgiven, along with the earlier Dances with Wolves, was responsible for the return of the Western. With that kind of impact, nothing would stand in Unforgiven's way. - jezza0

15 Bambi
16 The Little Mermaid

1989 Best Picture Nominees:
Driving Miss Daisy (winner)
Dead Poets Society
Born on the Fourth of July
Field of Dreams
My Left Foot

The Little Mermaid ushered in a new age of feature animation not only for Disney, but for the entire medium as a whole. After decades of not getting much positive recognition from critics, this is the movie that made animated movies relevant and fun again. It would have been cool to see a movie with that large of an impact be nominated for the biggest award in filmmaking, but as us East coasters say, "whatta ya gonna do? " - phillysports

17 Fantasia
18 The Simpsons Movie

this is

Screw Lion King

This movie is great

2007 Best Picture Nominees:
No Country for Old Men (Winner)
Michael Clayton
There Will Be Blood

Sure There Will be Blood coined the catchphrase "I will drink your milkshake" and No Country launched the carrier of Javier Bardem. But surely Springfield's funniest yellow skinned cartoon family, a family who have entertained us on T.V. for damn near 20 years at the time, was more worthy of a nomination than some English Patient wannabe called Atonement.

19 Cars

Yep Bros, I Had the Guts to put this on the list, You can't do anything about it! - VideoGamefan5

yeah - sonictiger

20 The Fox and the Hound
21 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

South Park is awesome. The singing ruined this film a bit though. This film gets a 7.5/10. The singing RUINS EVERYTHING! Why, South Park? Whyyy?!?!?! - AlphaQ

I love this movie!

22 Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

"Do America..." lol - JakePlaid

23 Charlotte's Web
24 Dumbo
25 Transformers: The Movie
26 The Lego Movie

Good movie, I really liked it, I can't Believe it's been almost 3 years since I saw this in the theaters, and the lego batman movie is going To suck, open your eyes! - VideoGamefan5

It really should not be nominated sorry to you who liked it. But to me I don't get why some people liked it. To me it was the most stupidest thing I have ever seen and no real story line - lbelle0527

My favorite animated movie! It got so snubbed at the oscars that I got angry. I wasn't TOO mad though because big hero 6 won (which is a great movie in my opinion) - Phillip873

27 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

This has to be at #1

28 Ratatouille
29 The Rescuers
30 Ice Age
31 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
32 Moana

Amazing visuals, engaging as well as compelling characters, excellent voice acting, SPECTACULAR music, what's not to love?!?!? For me, THIS is the Disney film that should've been getting all the praise last year, as Zootopia was a little too close to home (in it's writing) for me to like it as much as other people.

It has very good pictures

The least-mentioned Disney film of all time.

I could stare at th animation for hours... The water was so beutiful

33 Shrek 2
34 Lady and the Tramp
35 Oliver & Company
36 Kubo and the Two Strings
37 It's Such a Beautiful Day
38 Rango
39 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
40 Akira
41 The Secret Life of Pets

This movie was funny it was awesome it had that shocking sad part that struck you in the heart plus the animation was amazing and all of the pets were so CUTE of course

42 Big Hero 6

It's the best of thm all

43 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods

Yes its very great - ikerevievs

44 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
45 Grave of the Fireflies
46 Frozen

It was good until people started singing the songs 100 times a day. - shawnmccaul22

NaH this is atrocity is bloody garbage. Screw this sheet. -infinity/10 - AlphaQ

Why is this on the list?, it doesn't deserve any rewards and I'm glad 7
i t never got nominated and has the worst Disney characters of all history - VideoGamefan5

2013 Best Picture Nominees:
12 Years a Slave (winner)
Captain Phillips
American Hustle
The Wolf of Wall Street
Dallas Buyers Club

Yeah, I know how many of you guys hate this movie. You're probably going to dislike this comment, write how much you think "Frozen sucks", call me an idiot who likes "little girl movies", try to get this list boycotted, and may even try to burn me at the stake. However, that's not going to change my opinion that Frozen is one of the greatest animated films released in the past 25 years. I will always find its story heartwarming, its characters charming and relatable, and its songs catchy and fantastic. The movie did take home two awards at the ceremony, however, so I'm guessing Disney wasn't complaining that much when it was all said and done. - phillysports

47 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
48 Pinocchio
49 Chicken Little

This Movie Sucks

Mean spirited pile of sh! + - PeeledBanana

Your Joking, - VideoGamefan5

50 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
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