Top 10 Animated Movies that Should've Been Nominated for Best Picture


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21 Ice Age
22 Cars

Yep Bros, I Had the Guts to put this on the list, You can't do anything about it! - VideoGamefan5

23 Aladdin V 1 Comment
24 Transformers: The Movie
25 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
26 The Little Mermaid V 1 Comment
27 Moana

Amazing visuals, engaging as well as compelling characters, excellent voice acting, SPECTACULAR music, what's not to love?!?!? For me, THIS is the Disney film that should've been getting all the praise last year, as Zootopia was a little too close to home (in it's writing) for me to like it as much as other people.

It has very good pictures

The least-mentioned Disney film of all time.

Yeah boy

V 1 Comment
28 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
29 Dumbo
30 Shrek 2
31 Kubo and the Two Strings
32 It's Such a Beautiful Day
33 Akira
34 The Secret Life of Pets

This movie was funny it was awesome it had that shocking sad part that struck you in the heart plus the animation was amazing and all of the pets were so CUTE of course

35 Big Hero 6 V 1 Comment
36 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
37 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods
38 Home on the Range

The animation and voice cast are really good, although the villain is one of the Bottom 5 in the Disney canon. Also, why did the characters have to be cows? That said, I think this movie gets too much hate and I don't think it singlehandedly killed 2D animation at Disney.

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39 Norm of the North

Ok, Does Anyone Have Clorox Bleach? , I Need some - VideoGamefan5

40 Frozen

It was good until people started singing the songs 100 times a day. - shawnmccaul22

NaH this is atrocity is bloody garbage. Screw this sheet. -infinity/10 - AlphaQ

Why is this on the list?, it doesn't deserve any rewards and I'm glad 7
i t never got nominated and has the worst Disney characters of all history - VideoGamefan5

2013 Best Picture Nominees:
12 Years a Slave (winner)
Captain Phillips
American Hustle
The Wolf of Wall Street
Dallas Buyers Club

Yeah, I know how many of you guys hate this movie. You're probably going to dislike this comment, write how much you think "Frozen sucks", call me an idiot who likes "little girl movies", try to get this list boycotted, and may even try to burn me at the stake. However, that's not going to change my opinion that Frozen is one of the greatest animated films released in the past 25 years. I will always find its story heartwarming, its characters charming and relatable, and its songs catchy and fantastic. The movie did take home two awards at the ceremony, however, so I'm guessing Disney wasn't complaining that much when it was all said and done. - phillysports

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