Top Ten Animated Movies with the Coolest Credits Scenes

This list is about the near end of animated movies where the animators usually have fun and make the initial credits scene with the main cast and producers (probably the best way I can put it, probably look it up?) Vote here because this is probably my most original idea for a list I will ever have! I'm just going to put a few on this list right here for now, but you guys can put more, since I can only put 10 right now!!

The Top Ten

1 Wreck-it Ralph

Probably my personal favorite. The first credits scene is a lot of fun and it has a ton of video game references! - Phillip873

2 Big Hero 6

My favorite and it has tons of Easter eggs too - VideoGamefan5

3 Moana
4 The Lego Movie

The only part of the movie that is REAL stop motion. It's quite fun to see the stop motion animators create settings that represent the characters for the cast credits ñ - Phillip873

5 Shrek
6 Inside Out
7 Toy Story 3
8 Toy Story 2
9 Zootopia
10 Shrek 2

The Contenders

11 Monsters, Inc.
12 The Lego Batman Movie

Just remembered that credits scene! Stupid but fun/funny - Phillip873

13 Frozen

The multicolored ice and snow crystals design...very pretty. - eventer51314

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