Top Ten Animated Movies with Mediocre Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes


The Top Ten

1 Bee Movie


2 The Boss Baby
3 The Polar Express
4 Madagascar
5 Hotel Transylvania 2
6 Minions

Deserves "rotten" rating - iliekpiez

7 Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
8 Shrek Forever After
9 Rio 2

I personally think it deserved the rating it got (46%) because the movie itself was pretty mediocre as well. - 3DG20

It has the beautiful songs ever! It should never have been underrated! - Victoryboy

10 The Ant Bully

The Contenders

11 Man of Steel

This isn’t animated.

12 Storks
13 Cars 2

This is the lowest rated Pixar film (or at least one of them) to be given by Rotten Tomatoes with a very mediocre rating of 39%. - 3DG20

14 Hotel Transylvania
15 My Little Pony: The Movie
16 Sausage Party
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