Top 10 Best Animated TV Show Episodes of the 90s

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1 Pizza Delivery - SpongeBob SquarePants

One of the most memorable Spongebob episodes of the 90's where Spongebob and Squidward having to deliver a Krusty Krab pizza and the jokes in the episode are downright hilarious with both characters get lost and Spongebob using tricks from the pioneers to get them to their destination and Squidward becoming incredibly annoyed, after finally making there delivery to the guy he ends up becoming a complete jerk refusing to pay or accept the pizza all because they didn't have his drink which he didn't even order and Spongebob break down crying and Squidward actually stands up for Spongebob and slams the pizza in the guys face.

Love this episode, definitely one of the best (and I just had pizza for lunch and dinner tonight also, LOL! ) and funniest, plus we get to see Squidward stand up for Spongebob showing he does care for him even if he does get annoyed by him - Sailor Sedna

Definitely the best SpongeBob episode of Season 1.

The krusty krab pizza is the pizza for you and me

2 Pigeon Man - Hey Arnold!
3 Homer's Enemy - The Simpsons

Its like a real life hard working person met Homer Simpson. Homer does care about his family but he is not the brightest guy, he only got his job as safety inspector after being fired from his first job there and then did some speech at the power plant and Mr Burns made him Safety Inspector and then to get out of his sight before he changes his mind and then he fell out of Mr Burns window to the crowd. The dinner was a surprise, and then Frank saw how big the house was and two cars, all the photographs on the wall of what he had done (in different episodes) and a Grammy (another episode), told that Bart had a factory, then smelt lobsters and saw the clothes, his wife. So he was jealous, he was hard working, Homer was not very bright but had more than Frank who was living between bowling alleys. Then entered him into a kids contest and Homer won and went angry and killed himself by accident.

I know that a lot of people think that this is one of The Simpsons best episodes, but I just don't like it. Throughout the series, it's made obvious to the viewers that the Simpsons are a working-class family that has a lot of financial problems that struggles to make end's meat. That's exactly what makes them so relatable as a family. I have no clue why the writers suddenly decided to portray them as this elite, rich family who is above everyone else. This episode is essentially a Squidward Torture Porn where the pain and abuse is being directed at a person we have never met before; a person who's made to be as sympathetic as possible. And the majority of the episode shows Homer and the rest of his family acting strangely out of character to torture this poor guy who has had no breaks in his entire life. I'm all for dark comedy, but this episode crosses the line from being darkly comedic to plain sadistic and shocking for the sake of being shocking. I understand why people like this ...more

Though there were better Simpsons episodes during the 90's but this episode stands out for not only being funny but very dark at the same time, Frank Grimes a guy who's never gotten a break in life and has struggled for everything he's had only to be furious to see that Homer has accomplished more than he has with little effort and it drives Grimes insane especially when Homer invites him to dinner and he see's all of Homer's accomplishment which only drives him further into madness and it really sums up his character and frustrations when he says "I've had to every day of my life and what do I have to show for it, this briefcase and this hair cut, and what do you have to show for your lifetime of sloth and ignorance, EVERYTHING a dream house two cars, a beautiful wife, a son who owns a factory, fancy clothes and lobsters for dinner and do you deserve any of it NO! " and even goes further by saying that people like Homer are whats wrong with America as people like him just coast ...more

While the ending to this episode was funny, it was also extremely dark

4 Wacky Delly - Rocko's Modern Life

Alas, poor Rachel. She had too much faith in the intelligence of the masses.

5 Mother's Day - Rugrats

Such an very emotional episode.

6 Bart Gets an F - The Simpsons
7 The One That Got Away! - The Raccoons
8 Fire Dogs - The Ren & Stimpy Show

Possibly one of the most memorable Ren and Stimpy episode even though according to John K it was suppose to be a cheater cartoon as it was intended to be done very fast in order to meet the deadline and it turned out to be one of the funniest episodes of the series with Ren and Stimpy posing as dalmatians in order to get jobs at the fire station and of course there's the fire chief character who is loosely based on John K's former boss Ralph Bakshi and there are so many funny jokes in this episode.

9 Jet Scream - Rocko's Modern Life
10 Bye Bye ButterFree - Pokemon

I love ❤️ Pokémon so much it was my childhood 😍

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11 Cartman Gets An Anal Probe - South Park

It was a funny episode even though the animation was terrible.

This episode sucked. Not a good start for South Park.

12 A Room with a Bellevue - Duckman
13 Bart the General - The Simpsons
14 Stimpy's Fan Club - The Ren & Stimpy Show

One of the more darker episodes in the show.

We think this episode is a GOD

15 Save the World - Dragon Ball Z

A really epic showdown between Cell and Gohan after Cell tries to blow up the world and Goku transports him to King Kai's planet blowing them both up in the process only for Cell to come back even stronger than he was before, as Gohan and Cell's waves collide and Gohan barely able to keep going espcially after the huge beating he's taken over the course of the battle and Goku from other world coaching him Piccolo and the other fighters attempt to help Gohan and just when it seems like Cell is victorious Vegeta hits Cell with an attack throwing him off leading to Gohan with Goku's help turn the tide of the battle and defeating Cell once and for all.

16 Help Wanted - SpongeBob SquarePants
17 Hercules and the Owl of Athens - Hercules
18 Space Pilot 3000 - Futurama
19 Helga on the Couch - Hey Arnold!
20 Who's For Dinner? - Rocko's Modern Life

An episode that also happens to be show creator Joe Murray's favorite episode as he based the character and the premise of this episode around one of his friends who was adopted, in the episode Rocko comes over to Heffer's house for dinner with his family only to find out that Heffer's family are wolves and see's just how dysfunctional they are and things get really uncomfortable especially during the dinner scene in which they eat an horse or an elk and during dinner Rocko states that after all the years he's known Heffer he never told him that he was adopted and is followed by a long awkward silence as apparently Heffer's parents have never told him that he was adopted even saying at one point when they found him they had fattened him up with the intent of eating him but grew to love him and made him a part of the family Heffer of course has an emotional breakdown and runs away meanwhile Rocko and his adoptive parents go looking for him, Heffer eventually ends up at a farm where his ...more

21 Zazu's Off By One Day - Timon & Pumbaa
22 Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival - Arthur

Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners are better than any episode of this baby show.

I remember this episode

23 Lisa's Wedding - The Simpsons
24 The Music - Bobby's World

One of my all time favorite episodes from this series where Bobby learns about the death of his friend the kindly old crossing guard Abe and how he deals with the lost with at first unable to accept the reality of Abe's death before Bobby's dad sits him down and explains about death and that when people die they're not gone forever they they move to a special place in our hearts and that as long as we remember them and everything that they taught us they will always be a part of us and on of the most touching moments in the episode is when Bobby recives a box with Abe's old things including his baton and whistle and later he sings the song that Abe taught him and as the episode ends Abe appears as an angel and says "They're playing my song! "

25 Three Men and a Comic Book - The Simpsons
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