Top 10 Animated Villains Excluding Disney

The top villains from Animated movies excluding Disney that includes Pixar and Studio Gibli basically any Villain from an animated movie not under the Disney name.

The Top Ten

1 Other Mother - Coraline

She tricks poor children into staying with her and steals their eyes and souls. - egnomac

Awesome villain, awesome movie. - Anonymousxcxc

I love this movie!

She's just plain creepy, especially up close. Those button eyes...

2 Carface - All Dogs Go to Heaven

He double crosses Charlie and kills by running him down with a car he latter gets his comeuppance after getting eaten by the gator. - egnomac

Ha! Scarface pun! Gets my vote

3 Lord Shen - Kung Fu Panda 2

I personally thought that this was very good acting. - PositronWildhawk

Because lord Shen to be mean sometimes

He's the only villain I know to commit genocide

I say yes the best counting Disney villains!

4 Fairy Godmother - Shrek 2

Because fairy godmother was prince charmings mother and prince charming did the third one too

5 Mrs. Tweety - Chicken Run
6 Mewtwo - Pokemon: The First Movie

As a Pokémon fan, I have to vote for him. This is the original and frankly the best iteration of Mewtwo to my knowledge.

I have been with Pokemon since 2007 or 2008 to this day, and as a major Pokemon fan, I respect the fact that the saga grows, but this movie reintroduces you to the olden days when Pokemon was complete trash made by Japan. Nowadays, it's:
Look, a trainer, let's go kill his team and tell him what to do for our own financial and benefitial gain!
Let us handle this with kindness, only to fight the opponent with kindness and strategy, but to also learn meaningful and purposeful life lessons from the tiny egos that are introduced in this new anime.
That movie was good, though.

7 Rasputin - Anastasia

In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning
And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be
It scared me out of my wits
A corpse falling to bits
Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare WAS ME!

I like that song on my phone a lot

He places a curse on the entire Romanov family leading to the deaths of Anya's family. - egnomac

8 The Grand Duke of Owls - Rock-A-Doodle

He tricks everyone on the farm to turn on Chanticleer causing him to leave and plunge the country side into total darkness. - egnomac

9 Green Death - How To Train Your Dragon
10 Sharptooth - The Land Before Time

Survived the splitting of Pangaea, broke bedrock with his skull, killed an adult apatosaurus on his own, has the ability to pull a Jason Voorhees (disappear then, reappear behind you), insanely powerful legs (capable of leaping great distances, as well as, several times his own height), and all while having only one, good eye.

Sharp Tooth did not deserve to be killed. Imagine how much better the Land Before Time lame sequels would have been if he would have been alive...

There is something about Don Bluth villains that attack you mind and will leave you unsettled...

The Contenders

11 Galvatron - The Transformers: The Movie

It's Megatron Resurrected by George Orwell... I mean, Unicron. Why would he not be awesome?

12 Joker - Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

I Go Looney!

I love this incarnation of The Joker so much! Because the storyline, his character, his origins, it’s just so iconic of what Alan Moore might’ve created back in 1988’s original novel. This adaptation, brings back the iconic Mark Hamill to voice the character once again. But more dark toning to his voice. Still this is pretty epic! Put him on top 5 please. - asantalo

13 Jennar - The Secret of NIMH

This guy is a perfect example of not shying away in a kids movie. Jennar is a great villain who will go to great lengths to get to his goals, even when it means taking the lives of 2 of his kind.

He goes along with the plan to help move Mrs. Brisby's house in order to assassinate Nicodemus which he does while also endangering Mrs. Brsibys kids in the process. - egnomac

14 Hexxus - FernGully: The Last Rainforest
15 Rattlesnake Jake - Rango

I think he is the best non Disney villain, if any one should be #1 on this list it's him.

"Go to hell"
"Where do you think I came from? "

All that needs to be said

16 Rudy - Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
17 Aloysius O'Hare - Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

The guy takes advantage of the lack of oxygen caused by the Once-ler in order to profit from it by selling Fresh Air to the people of Thneedville even going so far as building an even bigger factory killing off more Oxygen in order to sell more fresh air to the people. - egnomac

Why aloysius o hare hates the truffle tress

Why aloysius o,hare hates the truffle trees

18 Lord Business - The Lego Movie
19 Tai Lung - Kung Fu Panda

Because he was my favorite dream works villain all time

20 Boingo - Hoodwinked

I love how well the story handled the plot twist of him being evil. Plus he can fight with his ears. Your argument has never been so invalid.

When that rabbit named was boingo and because he was my favorite animatied villain all time

21 Nigel - Rio
22 Thrax - Osmosis Jones

Thrax is SO evil, he kills people for no reason, and he is based off a real virus, and O MY GOD HIS FINGER IS A MURDER WEAPON!

He was cool guy

23 Aunt Pristine Figg - Tom and Jerry: The Movie

She only keeps Robyn around just so she can dip into her Inheritance she's almost as bad as Mr. Krabs. - egnomac

24 Chester V - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

I like to invention my favorite characters from my movies all time a lot of them

25 Ramses - The Prince of Egypt

When Ramses was my favorite dreamworks and movie villain all time

"I will never let your people go! "

26 Dr. Greed - The Fearless Four
27 Pitch Black - Rise of the Guardians

Well, he certainly is what Dream Works would class as a villain, he's good at what he does and he does it with style. How does that not make him deserving of the top spot?

A very good villain... which kinda' juxtaposes itself, but he really is a more quality villain than some people would think.

When pitch black don't give me some hot dreams all about the hot guys okay

28 Drake - The Pebble and the Penguin

When drake from the pebble and the penguin he was my favorite non Disney villain all time

Yep,he's evil

29 Soto - Ice Age

He's mean, he's powerful, he has followers, he's the leader of the smilodon pack, he wants to kill a newborn baby in a human tribe for revenge for what they did. He's my favorite Non-Disney villain.

Favorite one - PeeledBanana

30 King Haggard - The Last Unicorn
31 El Macho - Despicable Me 2

I hate el macho from despicable 2

32 Lord Barkis Bittern - Corpse Bride
33 Kent Mansley - The Iron Giant

When kent Manlsey was my funny animated character from the iron giant movie a lot and I am laughing at him a lot

34 Chantel Dubois - Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
35 Ruber - Quest for Camelot

When ruber was my favortie animated villain all time

Why ruber to kill Kaylas father

36 Love Machine - Summer Wars
37 Mandrake - Epic

Oh him because ronin to fight with mandrake and ronin to save me too from mandrake

38 Eris - Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas

I like her from dream works movie

I like her

39 Nekron - Fire and Ice
40 The Nightmare King - Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
41 Saddam Hussein - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
42 Darla Dimple - Cats Don't Dance Darleen "Darla" Dimple (also known as Darla Dimple) is the main antagonist of Warner Brothers' 1997 animated film Cats Don't Dance.

She's a selfish brat who can't stand anyone upstaging her. - egnomac

Because darla dimple was my favorite her songs

She has a great song. - Scaranna

43 General Mandible - Antz
44 King Goobot - Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

You know what I mean...

Why king goo bot stealing paernts

45 Angelica Pickles (The Rugrats Movie) Angelica Pickles is a cartoon character who appears in the Nickelodeon shows Rugrats, All Grown Up!, and Rugrats Pre-School Daze, and is among one of the series' original characters.

She's just like Darla Dimple. She's possibly everyone's animated villain in Nickelodeon history ever! Nobody else can top her!

46 Lord Farquaad - Shrek Lord Farquaad is the main antagonist of the 2001 animated feature film, Shrek, as well as Shrek 4D. He is voiced by John Lithgow.
47 Black Wolf - The Flight Before Christmas
48 Douche - Sausage Party
49 The Mysterious Stranger - The Adventures of Mark Twain
50 Sloan Blackburn - The Wild Thornberrys Movie
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