Top 10 Best American Dragon Jake Long Episodes

American Dragon: Jake Long is a 2005 animated television series about a Chinese American boy who must balance everyday life with his responsibilities and ability to change into a dragon.
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1 The Hong Kong Longs

A really great finale to the series we get to see Rose return again and help Jake fight the Dark Dragon and Jake's dad finally learns the truth about dragons and magical creatures.

Jake and Rose should get married. Spin off or reboot!

2 Homecoming

Huntsman forces Rose to betray Jake at Homecoming, but Rose uses the magic to destroy the Huntsclan including herself, and to save Rose, Jake wishes that Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan, and history rewrites. Jake finds Rose has no memory of him, but is happy.

3 Being Human

Finally Jake can take a break!

4 Hero of the Hourglass
5 Hong Kong Knights

Jake ends up learning more about his grandfather's past and his battle with the Dark Dragon that changed his life forever and the episode ends with an epic showdown with the Dark Dragon who has returned along with Councilor Chang who has captured Jake's grandfather as Jake, Spud, Trixie, the oracle twins and for what ever reason the Tooth fairy team up to defeat the Dark Dragon.

6 A Hairy Christmas

Jake becomes really annoyed by his families lame Christmas traditions and bails on them to hang with his friends while attempting to rescue a baby Sasquatch who was separated from its family before Rotwood find him.

I like wish Rose appeared in that episode for mistletoe.

7 Bite Father, Bite Son

Jake's dad bring him to work for "Take your child to work day" and Jake becomes really annoyed by his father's antics meanwhile some strigoi vampires posing as clients attempt to suck the blood from the American Dragon aka Jake but mistaken his father for the American Dragon.

8 Year of the Jake

Jake's ignorance of Chinese culture causes him to curse the magical shop with bad luck

9 The Halloween Bash

Jake Long looks good!

10 Siren Says

I love how they avert the "ugly girl's actually good and pretty girl's actually evil" cliche

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11 Game On

Jake uses a magical device which lets Jake control his life like a video game

12 Feeding Frenzy

When the Longs attend a family reunion, Jake gets angry because he has to sit on the kid table

13 Jake Takes the Cake

Jake is on a mission to capture a mischievous gremlin who causes havoc and mayhem everywhere it goes including his home and worst it and more gremlins wreck havoc at a wedding party that his mom is catering for.

14 Eye of the Beholder
15 The Hunted
16 Body Guard Duty
17 The Love Cruise
18 The Academy
19 Ski Trip

Rose should've told Brad that she's dating Jake.

20 Old School Training
21 Dreamscape
22 The Doppelganger Gang
23 Family Business
24 Fu and Tell
25 A Ghost Story
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