Top Ten Best Decades for Animated Television

The Top Ten
1 1990-2000

This was the decade that introduced cartoons that people still talk about over two decades later. Some of them even aged well. They were cleverly written and designed not to be patronizing. I loved Animaniacs, Powerpuff Girls, Batman: The Animated Series, Rugrats, and DragonBall Z.

The 90s really had such amazing cartoons. I was very lucky to grow up then. The early 90s had some of the most underrated gems of the century.

2 2000-2010

A lot of great anime came in this decade, as well as anime-inspired western animation. Probably the best decade for animated television if you're an anime fan. (I don't understand why so many people hate 4kids so much.)

Sonic X came out at this time, and I have to tell you. It's still a lot better than SatAM and Sonic Boom will ever be.

Why it is second to last astounds me.

3 1920-1930

Television wasn't around at this time (I think), as the earliest animated shorts and features played in movie theaters before heading to television. Many appeared in black and white before appearing in color.

4 1930-1940

This is an okay era of animation, although not the best. At least artists at the time actually had artistic freedom and didn't have to worry about being accused of racism or other problems with political correctness. (People can't seem to separate fiction from reality these days.)

5 1940-1950

Now, this is the era where animated shorts are at their prime. But again, the World War II propaganda shorts were also made at this time, some better than others.

6 1950-1960

I think this is where the earliest TV animation was introduced. Correct me if I'm wrong.

7 2010-2020

Even if it's not as good as most other Sonic shows, I still like Sonic Boom. I have yet to play the games, though.

Honestly, hardly anything beats Gravity Falls.

8 1960-1970

This decade can be seen as special since anime started to become mainstream at the time.

9 1980-1990

Ah, the 1980s was my childhood. Many great animated movies and TV shows came during this era.

10 1970-1980

I know that the 1970s introduced adult animation, but not much else. Many consider it to be the worst decade for animation.

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