Top 10 Best Episode Ideas for We Bare Bears

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1 The Fight

So the brothers have a BIG fight and so they move out of the house until they realize that they miss each other... Or something like that? I don't know?!

2 Visitors
3 The Job

It's like that cupcake job episode except panda gets a job at a coffee shop and grizzly and ice bear get upset that panda doesn't get to hang out with them. So panda quits.

4 The Origin Part 1

It would be a AWESOME episode for we bare bears. Just to know how they met.

So it's a 3 part and it tells us how the Bears meet.

I think their brothers... But good idea!

5 The Origin Part 2
6 The Origin Part 3
7 Super Bears?

It's just like a non-canon episode.
I don't know how it would go so you guys get to chose what happens!

8 Snow Day!

The bears have their own adventures in the snow: Grizzly has trouble having a snowball fight with Nom Nom, Panda and Charlie try to go sledding, and Ice Bear and Chloe build a snowman.

The Bears go out on in adventure on a snowy day then get lost and at the end they realize that they're house was just 6 inches away from them.

I think that will be a good, funny, idea.

9 Grizz Loses His Voice

A 500 hour special of we bare bears! Watch it starting on the next Friday the 13th at 6:16pm Central Time

10 Panda Gets Famous
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11 Chloe and Panda

Come on they did it with ice bear. I think that they need to do Chloe and panda!

12 Reuniting with Karla

Imagine this, in the present day, the fully-grown bears reunite with Karla from "The Island", this could even make her a recurring character.

13 Movie Stars

The Bears accidentally get in a movie set and then the director thought they might be a great cast for the movie but at the end the movie was a disappointment. Well they meant to do that on purpose!

14 The NBA 2K
15 The Revenge
16 One Coarse Bear

Grizzly learns that Panda is scared of wild animals, so Grizzly tricks him into going to the woods and bring him fears.

17 The Finale
18 The Bears Watch Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals
19 Twin Trouble

So panda 's crush (Lucy) has two little sisters that are twins (Daisy and Lily) and since Lucy is kinda busy that day, she pays panda 10 dollars, to take care of daisy and lily. So panda was just on his phone doing stuff, and daisy and lily follows a dog that leads them to the woods, so panda must save them.-Miss Boss

20 Chloe and Grizz

Now it's time for Chloe to spend time with Grizz! Panda and Ice Bear are eating dinner, so Chloe spends time with Grizz, and he seems to have fun! Well, until the Wolf Pack shows up.

21 Chloe x Ice Bear
22 Opposites Attract
23 Ice Bear the Bounty Hunter
24 The Dare
25 Grizzly Gets the Teen Titans Go! Syndrome
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