Reasons to Love The Fairly OddParents

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1 The Voice Cast

Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, Carlos Alazraqui, Kevin Michael Richardson, Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Kenny, Rob Paulsen, Eric Bauza, Jay Leno, Kari Wahlgren... These are just a few of the many greats in the voiceover industry, my dream job! They've all done voices in fop, whether a main, recurring or guest character!

2 The Humor

Of course the humor. I love the humor in this show.

3 Cosmo the Fairy

This is one of my favorite lists. Thanks Yellowshadow. And Cosmo the fairy is my favorite character!

He was one of the best characters until he got pregnant in 2009.

4 The Loveable Characters

The characters are awesome! (until Sparky and Chloe came along! )

5 The Action Packed Episodes
6 It Is One of the Last Good Nickelodeon Shows

Actually it was one of the last good shows until 2009, when Cosmo got pregnant with Poof, the baby, and then there were new writers who weakened the plot and made the humor annoying and repetitive, yet they greenlit live-action movies, which were horrible, unacceptable, which was before House of Anubis and Every Witch Way.

It WAS the last good show on Nick until House of Anubis, which is live action and a soap opera, which is a disrespect for Nick since they have content only for mature audiences, but got cancelled in 2013, but then a children's telenovela called Every Witch Way aired, which is NOW the last good Nickelodeon show.

7 The Live Action Movies

The live action movies are the worst things about The Fairly OddParents other than the weak, repetitive plot and humor, It's a disaster now compared to what it used to be like.

8 The Nice Animation

Timmy is an average kid
That no one understands
Mom and dad and Vicky always giving him commands
(Vicky:Bed Twirp)

Doom and gloom up in his room
Is broken instantly
By his 3 magic fish who grant his every wish
Because in reality they are his odd parents, Fairly OddParents
(Wanda:Wands and wings)
(Cosmo:Floaty crowny things)

Odd parents, Fairly OddParents
Really odd, pea pod, buff pod, hot rodd
Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake

Odd parents, Fairly OddParents
It flips your lid when you are the kid
With Fairly Odd Parents

(Vicky:Yeah right! )

9 Poof the Fairy Baby

In my opinion, This is when the show died. This is also when Butch Hartman started adding new characters to the show. This is also when Butch Hartman started to run out of ideas.

This was when The Fairly OddParents started going downhill and becoming unwatchable, it's not fun anymore.

This is when The Fairly oddparents jumped the shark.

10 "I Will Now Hide Inside My Pants Presto!"
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11 Better Than Every Witch Way

You think it's better than Every Witch Way, which is how it's spelled, don't judge it by the live action, it is the last good show on Nick, not the Fairly OddParents anymore, and Every Witch Way is a spin off of Grachi, in case you knew better, Every Witch Way is also the last good show on Nick with good acting, iCarly, Sam & Cat, The Thundermans, Henry Danger, Max & Shred and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn have much worse acting, but iCarly and Sam & Cat take the cake on the worst acting on Nick.

I hate to break the news, but Every which way is only good show on Nickelodeon. It's not The Fairly oddparents or SpongeBob anymore because those shows went downhill years ago. I don't see none of those two shows being better than Every Which Way. The old episodes of both shows were better than Every Which Way, but not the new episodes of both shows.

The old Fairly OddParents was better than Every Witch Way, not the new Fairly OddParents, it fell into trash (technically in 2009, but still ok until the first live-action movie), then it got repetitive and plotless, yet bratty and annoying, that it makes Every Witch Way more bearable.

No need to be mean

12 Vicky the Babysitter
13 Jorgen Loves His Head

No. He really does love his head. No trolling.

14 The Anti-Fairies

Super duper really indefinitely not good at all. All the anti fairies got a super,big ex from me and the internet

15 The User Cosmo Loves This Show More Than Anything

Wow. Who added this?

16 The Cute Characters
17 The Quotes
18 It Is Creative
19 It Creates Excitement
20 It's More Original
21 Cleveland
22 Jorgen Von Strangle H.F. Jorgen Von Strangle the Head Fairy is a major character in The Fairly OddParents!. He is known by Timmy as the Fairy who enforces "Da Rules." He is the strongest Fairy that exists in Fairy World and is the boss or commander of all fairies, including Anti-Fairies which we see he guards in prison. more.
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