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1 Laked Nake

Probably one of the few episodes I could tolerate from this series. Yes, Tyson did make this episode better. He was a better villain than those Dicksons. I would have preferred if he were French or German, rather than British. But as others have mentioned, this is another lift from Regular Show, rather than being original.

One of the few watchable episodes of this series. Although it seemed to typically stereotype British people (I have relatives in the UK, and they are generally indifferent concerning the Queen, unlike in this episode). I also agree that this was created to ride on the coattails of the success of Regular Show.

2 Heightmare
3 Be Like Tufflips

The episodes with Tufflips are probably the best. This is my favorite one.

4 Road Pizza
5 2 Tuff 2 Watch

That's my favorite episode. I love the title card's music. It's an original idea. I love that episode.

6 Middle Shame

This episode is pretty cool. The title card's music is cool.

7 Halloweenies
8 Cuddle Buddy

This is a really heartwarming episode! Little to no butt or fart jokes.

An original idea and super title card's music.

9 Trouble Dare

This is the only episode that I like. All the other ones suck. This is based on a real game show! The things I don't like are that it is weird, and Tufflips is a butthead, as always.

Tufflips is a complete jerk. Not a bad episode, compared to most. The trouble with these episodes is sorting the wheat from the chaff.

10 Street Dogg
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11 The Giving G

I like this episode. I love the final music.

12 Dolled Up

A funny episode. I like the "hee-hee" when Sanjay removes the towel from his head.

The hee-hee was the creepiest thing in that episode!

13 Flip Flopas

A good episode. I like the title card's music.

14 Dog Wave
15 Maximum Dennis
16 Traffical Island
17 Cup O' Universe
18 Fartwerk
19 You're in Trouble
20 A Tail of Two Slithers
21 Release the Craigan

I like that snake falling part when I just see that pink skirt blowing in the breeze.

22 Baby Fart
23 Alien Craig
24 Butts Up

The Episode actually had some really good Emotional Moments. The only Part I didn't liked was that the Ending felt a bit rushed, but everything else was pretty great.

25 Game On
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