Top 10 Worst Things About American Dad!

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1 It's created by Seth MacFarlane

The same guy who created Family Guy

What'd you expect? He sucks now.

2 It's too political

Family guy will throw in occasional jokes on politics, but American dad is just a nonstop circlejerk by macfarlane on hating republicans.

I don't watch cartoons that have too much political issues

3 Stan Smith Stanford Leonard "Stan" Smith is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom American Dad!. He is voiced by the series' co-creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane.

This guy is a total ass. He's just as bad as Peter Griffin.

4 It's just as bad as Family Guy

I'm not joking. American Dad! and Family Guy share the same creator, and they're just as bad as each other, literally. There is no way American Dad! would be ANY better than Family Guy.

I loved older episodes of family guy heck I'll rather watch it over American Dick!.

5 Hayley Smith

She is such an unattractive activist.

6 It gives America a bad name

American Dad! is an INSULT to the United States of America. This show wants us to be racist.

I honestly don't find Americans that racist.

7 Roger Smith

He's a complete rip-off of Bugs Bunny.

Bugs Bunny is the best! Roger sucks!

8 Klaus Klaus Heissler is a fictional character from the animated television series American Dad!. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
9 It's still running

Don't they say that about The Simpsons and this is newer than The Simpsons.

10 Occasional out of place gross-outs

I can name several instances, the ending of Flirting With Disaster (did we really need to see Francine's acid-burned face?), the entirety of Tapped Out (Just Seth Macfarlene making fun of nursing, plus, during the crowd reaction shot, a guy's face literally comes off, I am not joking), a couple episodes featured the Smiths on the beach and there's a rotted whale corpse each time, Roger taking his face off while swapping faces with Steve (to make matters worse, it appears in the Roger gag in the intro in one of the episodes), the infamous lobotomy scene in American Fung, the entirety of Klogger (it's just Klaus and Roger making out and the subplot contains Snot wearing diapers because he likes to and Steve soiling his pants to get out of his fitness test), most of Ricky Spanish (Ricky Spanish is just disgusting and the butterfly dying at the end is very disturbing), Hayley's mutilated face in The Mural of the Story, and Roger getting pregnant. (His "pregnancy" when he has Rogu is very disgusting)

The Contenders
11 Recycling jokes from other shows
12 It goes out of the line
13 Childish
14 The gross out humor
15 Francine Smith

That bitch should be number one. She is just as worst as her husband by treating her son, Steve, like a nobody. Also she's just as worst as Lois Griffin by acting like a perfect and pure humble mother and wife when she is horrible. Especially when she dumps a bucket of clam chowder on his head. She made her family stranded on an island and could've put everyone's lives at risk. She made out with Stan in a Church and then gets angry with him for no reason. Hypocrite! Who would ever act that irresponsible at a Church? That is messed up! She's not even pretty at all and also not smart at all. She's a boring character with zero personality, especially when she's not funny at all.

16 Steve, Toshi, Snot, Barry, and Klaus are the only good characters

Steve Smith is just a male version of Meg Griffin from Family Guy.

17 They Have Yet To Make Hayley and Roger a Couple
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