Top 10 Animation Companies in India


The Top Ten

1 Vinformax

Vinformax, a Best animation company, offers professional 2D and 3D animation services and include production of animation serials, feature films as well as television software.. We craft creative videos according to your needs. this animation firm offers services to its clients in india,US and UK.and vinformax handling the project of Disney. - Vinformax

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2 Crest Animation

The production house of Crest Animation Studios is in California. Formerly known as Crest
Communications. - Vinformax

3 Heart Entertainment

Heart Entertainment Limited is known to have state-of-the art 3D animation studio - Vinformax

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4 Padmalaya Telefilms

Padmalaya Telefilms is a subsidiary of Zee Telefilms. Services offered by this animation company - Vinformax

5 Jadoo Works

Jadoo Works is a cutting edge and prominent digital content creation facility that generates creative and magical imagery created for the global animation industry. - Vinformax

6 Nipuna Services

Nipuna Services Ltd, a BPO subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services, - Vinformax

7 Anibrain

Anibrain is an award winning visual and creative studio specialising in creating stunning visuals - Vinformax

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8 Maya Entertainment

Maya Entertainment has training centres in Middle East and Asia. This company was started in order to offer services in content production, - Vinformax

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9 Silvertoon Studio

This animation studio regularly engages in contractual work for studios based in France, UK and US. - Vinformax

10 UTV Toonz

This company started work as a 2D animation firm, however, in 2002 the firm moved full-fledged into digital media. - Vinformax

The Contenders

11 CorpTeaser Animation and Films

CorpTeaser has produced over 3000 explainer videos in more than 15 different styles such as 2D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, live action and lot more... Company has clients in more than 50 countries all across from more than 100 different industry verticals. - dhavaldevani

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