Top 10 Best Animation YouTube Channels

I'm talking about the CONTENT of these channels, so don't get confused when you see GradeAUnderA on this list.

The Top Ten

1 theodd1sout theodd1sout

Awesome channel

Way better than domics

Yeah,he rocks

2 Jaiden Animations Jaiden Animations

Love her so much - JakcO5

She should be tied for #1 with James!

I love Jaiden Animations

Shes very inspiring

3 Domics Domics

Great channel but most of the time inappropriate. Even if I like Jaiden’s Animations and TheOdd1’s out better, this is still a good channel!

4 GradeAUnderA GradeAUnderA

Wait didn't he quit? - JakcO5

This guy is funny, a bit age retricted though (I mean very inapropiote).

5 Piemations Piemations

He made the best Video Game Parodies and made funny original cartoons too! Piemations yeah! This Guy is not topped

Best Animator ever! Yeah!

Piemations! Yeah!

I‘m Suction Cup Man! Look at me go!

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6 How It Should Have Ended How It Should Have Ended
7 ItsAlexClark ItsAlexClark
8 I Hate Everything I Hate Everything
9 Pikapetey Animations Pikapetey Animations
10 TonyvToons TonyvToons

The Newcomers

? AnimationEpic

Now, about AnimationEpic.

For any of this, I do not take this as offense, as Adam Katz and his crew can well damn produce awesome stuff, but they didn’t always see it as charming all the time.

On the First Season, everything felt original, basic and in some parts, actually interesting. It might’ve lacked some jokes or the overusage of “MeTard”, but it stayed Original up until the fifteenth episode, where it started to become a little more copycatish. Nevertheless, it remained fine

But by the Second Season, my god, the first 5 episodes felt, well, bland as hell! The dialogue, characters and scenes just all felt filler, cheesy and repetitive, not to mention the quick-paced animation they shoved into the first 2 episodes. But by the third episode, they had started to put more and more effort into the beauty and artistry, rather than just being this bland 2D 10 cent no name animation. By the 9th episode, Their visuals, backgrounds and characters just looked ...more

? TimTom TimTom

The Contenders

11 EddsWorld EddsWorld
12 Let Me Explain Studios (Rebecca Parham) Let Me Explain Studios (Rebecca Parham)

Kinda clickbaity titles, but once you start watching the video it starts to make sense, thanks to Rebecca's storytelling skills! She isn't called "Let Me Explain Studios" for nothing!

13 A Kind Ale War A Kind Ale War
14 somethingelseyt somethingelseyt

Lol he's new but true - JakcO5

15 hotdiggedydemon hotdiggedydemon

Without a doubt the greatest. he makes better cartoons than big budget studios all by himself

His Brain Dump Videos Are legit! X3 - Polaris_Doggo_

16 PipFlip PipFlip
17 Egoraptor Egoraptor
18 Alan Becker
19 DarkMatter2525 DarkMatter2525
20 JacknJellify

You can't possibly forget jacknjellify. This channel is the home to one of the most influential animation series on YouTube ever. Tell me you've watched Battle For Dream Island.

21 Harry Partridge
22 psychicpebbles psychicpebbles
23 PopToonsTV
24 andrewkful
25 TheFearRaiser
26 DrawsomeToons
27 ExplosmEntertainment
28 Jaltoid
29 Simon's Cat
30 Planet Dolan
31 Super Planet Dolan
32 Animation On FOX
33 OneyNG
34 Kabloosh
35 FBE


36 Andrei Terbea

On the rise of becoming the best animator

37 JackSepticeye JackSepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

I know he‘s a gamer but sometimes he animate too.

38 Dorkly

He made the best Pixelanimations

39 Gumbino

I love his Pokémon Parodies so funny 😂

40 Animated james
41 Wolfychu Wolfychu

She like anime

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