Best Anime Character Hybrid

Which two anime characters would be the best combined together. Based on humor strength personalities and other characteristics depending on what you like ill add a few combinations but you add as many more as you like. The ones i put in are just random! don't think its my order. Vote to change the order and comment lots! My mind has gone blank so i can't think of many lol i'll leave the rest to you.

The Top Ten

1 Natsito Dragigiya

A hybrid between Kirito and Natsu presumably in a virtual world combined with Magnolia. - Natsito_Dragigiya

2 Goffu

Luffy and Goku combined. - Natsito_Dragigiya

3 Envryuk

Ryuk from death note and envy from fullmetal alchemist combined. - Natsito_Dragigiya

4 Lusuna Yuukfilia

Asuna Yuuki sao and Lucy Heartfilia - Natsito_Dragigiya

5 Kaneto

Kaneki and Kirito - Natsito_Dragigiya

6 Rirza

Riza Hawkeye and Erza Scarlet - Natsito_Dragigiya

7 Tsukichiya

Tsukiyama tokyo ghoul and ichiya fairy tail - Natsito_Dragigiya

8 Lokeshi

Loke (Leo The Lion) fairytail and nishiki tokyo ghoul - Natsito_Dragigiya

9 Wincy Rockfilia

Winry rockbell fullmetal alchemist and lucy heartfilia - Natsito_Dragigiya

10 Shenrologia

Shenron DBZ and Acnologia Fairy Tail - Natsito_Dragigiya

The Contenders

11 Itageta
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