Why I Hate Ueno Naoka

Hey guys, from the title you guys can see who am I gonna rant on today:

Ueno. Fudging. Naoka

I've saw many people who claimed to hate Ueno even that I hardly saw any rants on her, so I'm gonna write a rant as to WHY I despise this stupid b*tch.
So I saw the A Silent Voice movie and It was amazing! I loved every single bit of It, and It has a lovable cast. Except for Ueno and Kawai. I hate Kawai because she's a hypocrite who claims she did nothing wrong even that she also bullied Nishimiya at grade school. But I want to punch Ueno in the face more. Now this isn't a maturely written rant that manages to be at least slightly logical, this is a completely unadultered, childish rant to Ueno.

First of all, Ueno doesn't have an actual reason to hate Nishimiya other than from envy. Whenever she does her b*tching to Nishimiya's face, she pulls the same BS all over and over. What was It again? "You made it hard for all of us at grade school" or "Shoya lost all his friends because of you". Honestly If she didn't cared too much and used her brains (God made them for a reason, geez) properly, she would've realized that nothing was directly affecting her. And If she truly cared about Shoya, she wouldn't have left him in the dust when the teachers asked about the people who bullied Nishimiya. The only real reason she hates Nishimiya is from envy, simple as that.
And then she goes like "HEY EVERYONE! REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED IN GRADE SCHOOL AND Blahblahblahblah". Just shut the fudge up, Ueno. Nobody gives a sh!t. You're just dragging on some drama that never even had any affect to you so you can seem like you have reasons to hate on Nishimiya when In reality, you don't have any logical reasons to hate her (lol)
Oh god, that ferris wheel scene. That ferris wheel scene made me so, so SO FUDGING MAD AT THAT B*TCH!!! (Cools down a bit).... She was like "I tried to understand you back then at grade school (Is she even bored with pulling up the whole grade school BS, a.k.a something that happened around FIVE YEARS AGO?!) But you didn't tried to understand me, so I bullied you" along with other hurtful words to Nishimiya. DON'T you DARE say that to a disabled person! (The fact that Nishimiya is deaf made that scene more rage inducing for me, It made me feel bad for Nishimiya because she didn't even do anything wrong). And she doesn't even want to understand Nishimiya but claims that Nishimiya doesn't try to understand her. I mean, when Nishimiya said that she hated herself, Ueno slapped Nishimiya in the face and left like the b*tch she really Is. What a b*tch. She's an awful person, period.
I guess I had my hopes on her held too high. At least Shoya wanted to make things up with Nishimiya. Whereas with Ueno, where we all thought that she had also changed her ways, It turns out she still is the terrible person she was at grade school and acts like she's just there to make Nishimiya's life a living hell. And Shoya directly bullied Nishimiya and received punishment for It. Unlike Ueno and Kawai who trash talked Nishimiya behind her back but didn't got any punishment for It because they didn't admitted their actions because they're cowards. I want to punch both Ueno and Kawai, but Ueno would be worse because the movie somehow MANAGED to get me to hate her guts.

And her fanbase. God, are fanboys nowadays that shallow in terms of characters? First It's Chiaki (whose a boring, generic mary sue that her fanboys are sk obsessed with for being a cute gamer girl) and now It's Ueno? I can respect your opinion to like her, but you need to have more reasons to like a character than a cute character design or any other shallow reasonings (e.g. They're voiced by your favourite VA). Her fanboys usually talk about her thighs that It feels weird! I mean, seriously?!

To conclude, I despise Ueno. I've never read the manga, so I have no idea about how Ueno was in the manga. But in the anime movie, she's such an annoying b*tch who has the most punchable face In the series.

Sorry If I offended any Ueno fans with this, but I just hate Ueno. Sorry.


Good post. I 100% agree with this. In the manga I think she did apologize (not that it justifies her actions, I still hate her) and had some lesbian moments with Sahara... - TwilightKitsune

Even if she did, she's still a complete moron - MLPFan

While I think Miki is slightly worse for being fake af, Naoka is still a very annoying character who angered me reading the manga and watching the movie. But at least Shoko and Shoya were written extremely well and were the main focus. - Elric-san