Top 10 Anime Cliches that Appear Throughout Undertale

The Top Ten

Characters with ridiculously over-the-top superpowers (Asriel, Sans, Undyne, Frisk)
Incredibly cheesy dialogue
Characters that literally never stop talking (Mettaton, Alphys, Papyrus)
Pretentiously melodramatic soundtrack that overdoses on leitmotif in a very corny fashion
Characters with impossibly fabulous hairstyles (Mettaton, Temmie, Frisk, Undyne)
Ridiculously Overpowered Protagonist, or possibly Antagonist depending on the run that you're playing
That one "adorable shy girl" character that almost everyone in the fandom secretly faps to (Alphys, Toriel)
"The power of friendship"
Plot twists that are more-often-than-not stupidly easy to see coming
Ridiculously Kawaii Creature (Temmie, Asriel, Alphys, Toriel)
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