Top Ten Anime Death Battle that Should Happen

This is a list based of anime charactes fighting crossover or nin crossover death battles . Battles that will cause one of the anime characters to die

The Top Ten

1 Asuma and Konan (Naruto)

I know Asuma will lose but, I just wonder how long he'll last - HollowArrow

2 Kibito Kai vs Shisui (DBZ vs Naruto)
3 Gilgamesh vs Kirito (Fate vs Sword Art)

I think this battle would be great - HollowArrow

4 Asuna vs Hinata (Naruto vs Sword Art)

This battle would be epic - HollowArrow

5 Goku vs Naruto (DBZ vs Naruto)

Of course someone would add this one so I just add it this one - HollowArrow

6 L vs Aru Akise (Death Note vs Future Diary)

The two smartest detectives ever - HollowArrow

7 Ichigo Kurosaki vs Dante (Bleach vs Devil May Cry)

This would be a good match I'm pretty sure Dante is a anime character - HollowArrow

8 Vegeta vs Sasuke (DBZ vs Naruto)
9 Sasori vs Rin Okumura (Natuto BS Blue Exscorcist)

I think this battle would be very cool - HollowArrow

Sasori would win hands down.

10 Sakura vs Pan (Naruto vs Pan

Oh wow what this battle would be great the worst Naruto character vs the worst DBZ character. Both of these characters suck in my opinion - HollowArrow

The Contenders

11 Master Asia vs Einhart Stratos (Mobile Fighter G Gundam vs Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViViD)
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