Top Ten Best Anime Episodes

The problem about anime is that you can't just see your favorite episode of an anime, whenever you want! Still there are some episodes, that just stood out for being simply incredible!

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"Re;" Episode 50 - Code Geass

The Greatest Episode in the History of Anime, Nothing Comes Close!

When the ending ensures that everything that happened so far actually makes sense

Nothing gets better than this episode Lelouch's obey me world speech and the perfect ending absolute masterpiece of an episode

So happy to see this episode at number 1. It more than deserves the spot

"Overcast" Episode 7 - Death Note

The best episode you can ever ask an anime to make. Although we all know that Light is somehow going to survive, we did not know whether Naomi Misora would. For all we know, she could have survived and given information to the police and the plot could have been awesome from there on, too. Plus, it showed that Light would indeed kill anyone, if they threaten him, which is another way of character development. And, the ending, the ending. As Naomi's face becomes dark and lifeless as she heads on to her inevitable suicide, to the stairs of heaven. Just a godlike episode.

So glad to see this at number 5. When I watched Death Note for the first time all those years ago this was the hook episode for not just the series but anime as a whole.

"Ballad of The Fallen Angels" Episode 5 - Cowboy Bebop

The episode that made me realize how truly special Cowboy Bebop is

Best episode of one of my favorite animes.

"Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes!" Episode 48 - Naruto



"Hinokami" Episode 19 - Kimetsu No Yaiba

Gives me goosebumps and teary eyes on watching it even for the tenth time...the show is just above average in my opinion but this single episode is so amazing it pushed it way up

Breathtaking episode. Everything about this is beautifully made and fine-tuned to the max.

Beautifully contrasts the family's connection, absolutely blinding and breathtaking to watch. 15/10

Has to be number 1.

"Death of The Undying" Episode 19 - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Damn I was overjoyed when Lust died! Seriously what a brutal killer she was. And when she killed Maes, I was so sad, I spoiled three boxes of tissue. All hale ROY MUSTANG!

Many many many episodes of this Anime is awesome but this one is the starting point of the change in the characters and developpment.

"Zero x And x Rose" Episode 126 - Hunter X Hunter

This episode was really perfect animation drawing voice acting directing feeling everything was amazing thanks madhouse

So glad everything happened and led up to this

Just unbelievable. Netero is a true beast.

"Thank You Merry! The Sea of Seperation in the Snow" Episode 312 - One Piece

MERRY ;( A talking boat successfully made almost the whole fandom cried...

The Enies Lobby Arc was simply amazing and this episode was just the a perfect ending

Tell me, have you ever cried over a ship
If you did, then it must be over our dear Merry

"Confrontation" episode 2 - Death Note

That first time you realize how much of a threat L actually is... This episode is pure gold


"The End of the World" Episode 14 - Sword Art Online

The Contenders

"Shoto Todoroki: Origin" Episode 23 - My Hero Academia


"Hero" Episode 54 - Attack on Titan

This could be the greatest episode I have ever seen, in anything, everything from erwin to armin is just absouletly amazing.

Best episode in all of anime history

No episode was as godly as this..

"Hero" and "Midnight Sun" are the best episodes I ever

"Open The Steins Gate" Episode 23 - Steins;Gate

The moment when everything clicks from the first episode and you realize exactly what happened July 28th, 2010 at the Radio Tower is the best scene in all of anime, and just one example of the excellent storytelling in this masterpiece of an anime.

"Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen" Episode 226 - Fairy Tail
"Violet Evergarden" Episode 9 - Violet Evergarden

To best episodes please please please dubbed in hindi

"Truth" Episode 141 - Naruto Shippuden
"Spring Wind" Episode 22 - Your Lie in April
"Transformed at Last" Episode 95 - Dragon Ball Z
"Recoome Unleashed" Episode 64 - Dragon Ball Z
"Mother’s Rosario" Episode 24 - Sword Art Online II
"Ghoul" Episode 12 - Tokyo Ghoul
"Graduation" Episode 13 - Angel Beats!
"Smile: Assault On Stohess Part 1" Episode 23 - Attack on Titan
"Another Super Saiyan?" Episode 120 - Dragon Ball Z
"The Outside of Madness" Episode 15 - Re:Zero

Breathtaking end credits scene, send ms chills down my spine

Hands down one of the greatest episodes of anime I've ever seen. The amount of emotions this episode alone evokes is enough to carry all 25 episodes of this anime alone. From beginning to end it is a true Masterpiece.

The best episode ever...

I'm so out of it

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