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The Top Ten

1 Action
2 Drama

For me it's drama. Then comes action. - Kiteretsunu

3 Shounen
4 Psychological

I like psychological anime because they don't dumb anything down. - Absolite

Yes! I love psychologicL anime's! The feels! It makes you think unlike shonen which couldn't take a monkey to understand. - NerdyPweeps

5 Sci-Fi
6 Adventure
7 Comedy
8 Romance
9 Seinen
10 Horror

The Contenders

11 Fantasy
12 School
13 Hentai

Just because it can be.

14 Mystery
15 Demons
16 Slice of Life

It always teaches you a life lesson.Clannad teaches you that everyone can do something that will change something in a positive direction,Toradora! teaches you that you should not do something that will affect you for the rest of your life and end up regretting it,and K-on! teaches you to show your passion no matter what.And guess what,those are all slice of life anime's.

17 Harem
18 Sports
19 Shoujo
20 Ecchi

Gotta admit, Ecchi is a guilty pleasure for me... - Absolite

Ecchi is my go to anime genre. I love watching shows like DxD, HOTD, Kill La Kill, and more. Ecchi just fills an anime with some sexual based comedy, and it feels good.

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1. Shounen
2. Sci-Fi
3. Psychological
1. Action
2. Romance
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