Animes That Give Anime a Bad Reputation


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1 Boku no Pico Boku no Pico Boku no Pico is an anime series of three OVA episodes created by Katsuhiko Takayama. It was released to DVD on September 17, 2006.

How is this not number 1? Even Lucky Star doesn't make anime look as bad as what this anime does! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Okay I haven't even seen this show and I know that it gives anime a bad reputation. Why? Because literally all of the internet articles and other complaining anime fans say that it's a porno anime. - Anonymousxcxc

How is this not on here yet?!

This show sucks - pugiscool

2 School Days School Days

The ending is horrible. Plain disgusting. The starting was equally disgusting too. Come to think of it, the anime as a whole was disgusting. - Kiteretsunu

3 Lucky Star Lucky Star Lucky star is an anime that first aired (april 8th, 2007 to September 16th, 2007) in Japan. The anime follows the daily lives of Konata Izumi, Kagami and Tsukasa hiiragi, and Miyuki Takura. The show is best known for the cute "moe" characters. The target audience is shouen.

I might be the only one who actually enjoys this anime.

It makes anime look horribly stupid and a waste of time. - NerdyPweeps

While I do agree...
I love tsukasa a lot - TheEvilAlpaca

4 Seikon no Qwaser Seikon no Qwaser

He sucks breast milk to be powerful?

5 Pokemon Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.

No, Pokemon doesn't give anime a bad reputation. Pokemon is a kid's anime, so you cannot compare it with an anime, let's say, Full metal Alchemist. Anime come in different categories and everyone has its own importance. In fact Pokemon is one of the best kid's anime in the market. (it's not a shounen anime). - Kiteretsunu

Well it makes people who haven't seen other anime think anime is for kids. Of course this gives anime a bad reputation. - SelfDestruct

This shouldn't be Pokemon does not give anime a bad name at all. - egnomac

But... This was my childhood! - aarond90

Oh man my favorite Anime - pugiscool

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6 Eiken Eiken

It makes it seem like every anime is about big boobs and other sexual stuff. It gives anime a bad name. - Popsicles

And I hope it's in hell-Vestalis

It couldn't suck if they do less panty shots, less pointing butts to the screen, less large breasts. I hope they remove Kirika and Komoe.-Vestalis

7 Naruto Naruto Naruto is an anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series more.

Fillers for everyone.

I don't really watch Naruto, but I think it's the Narutards that give anime a bad reputation, not the anime itself. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Beyblade
9 Bakugan Battle Brawlers
10 Bobobobobo

Wrong amount of bo's - Shinytyphlosion

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11 Sakura Trick
12 K-On! K-On!
13 Azumanga Daioh

I can't believe someone put this on the list!

14 DearS
15 Attack on Titan Attack on Titan Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama, is one of the most popular Japanese anime series to be released. It was first watched in Japan during 2013 and was dubbed in English to be watched in America in 2014. It is best known for its emotional moments, more.

There is a website saying what's wrong with it. Just Google is attack on titan a bad anime? And you'll find it

I call bull, but I am going to severely beat the person who put this here! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! was aired from 2000 to 2004 in Japan, and 2002 to 2006 in the US. It continues where the Toei Anime Left off. When 10th grader Yugi Muto solves the Millenium Puzzle, Yami Yugi emerges, taking control of him to help his friends. In Duel Monsters, they mostly played children's card games because more.
17 Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Manipulating others into retro elitism and making modern anime look like garbage when really there is a lot of great modern anime off of modern source materials. - SelfDestruct

18 Girls Bravo Girls Bravo

Eew, Girls Bravo is pervy and gross!

19 Full Metal Alchemist

There's a special place in hell for who put this here! Seriously, Boku no Pico and is lower than this. That is a sin against humanity. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I call bull I am going to hurt who ever put FullMetal Alchemist on here. - egnomac

Oh seriously, who put this on here? Not to be a fandom shield or anything, but why would you put FMA on here, the story is fantastic and the characters are charismatic! It was my anime from my childhood. - NerdyPweeps

The animation is decent. It's nothing special but then's there's moments when the animation is just butt ugly. It's not the majority of the time, but it's still there.

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20 Kill la Kill Kill la Kill Kill la Kill is an anime television series produced by Trigger. In Kill la Kill, Ryuko Matoi transfers to a new high school in order to find her father's murderer.

Maybe to beginners the anime might be too much due to how much fanservice it has, but if you're an anime fan, Kill la Kill is actually quite a sweet treat for anyone who loves a good anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

But I love Kill LA Kill. - Tia-Harribel

One my favorite anime but I understand why it's here.
My question is that why Fullmetal Alchemist is here. It's one of the greatest anime franchises (especially Brotherhood) and one I would recommend to beginners or anime haters.

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