Top 10 Anime Hypothetical/Non-Canon Couples.

I'm talking about the pairings that probably won't/or didn't actually happen in canon I. E the actual story line. Maybe some romance harem animes haven't ended yet, but in most cases you can tell which one is the 'main' couple that is going to end up together, so exclude those ones too.
For eg: TomoyaXKyou in Clannad, MistyXAsh in Pokemon.

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1 Shinichi Kudo & Shiho Miyano - Detective Conan

I've always thought this pairing had a lot of potential. Yeah, ShinRan is sweet and a very heart-warming form of childhood love story. But in a crime-mystery anime, I don't see why CoAi would not work. I think it's interesting to see them work together in cases, they have such good chemistry to be honest! It reminds me of Roy & Riza from FMAB. I love how they started out distrusting one another, with Conan thinking she was evil & all. But then, eventually, learning more about her & making her shatter that cold exterior. He taught her how to warm up to others, it's no surprise that he's special to her. It's a shame that this pairing would not be the main canon instead. I think if people look past the fact that ShinRan was the initial couple from the very beginning and REALLY, REALLY look at CoAi with an OBJECTIVE and OPEN-MINDED lens, they would find that this pairing is as great as ShinRan, if not, even greater.

No hate on Ran, she's nice and all, but I can never get how ShinRan would fit in a detective story. Too bad they became canon and we never got a chance to fully see it.

I think shiho better with bourbon and shinichi of course with ran

Perfect couple they definitely like each other

2 Naruto Uzumaki & Sakura Haruno - Naruto

This couple sucks. anyone who thinks its healthy need to see the doctor. Naruto chases after her because she likes his rival and she doesn't even want him in the first place. And yes he tried to kill her as four tails as well, not just sasuke. he never even attempted to hurt Hinata.And he actually liked her as a person by understanding her nature not just winning a prize. If they happened sakura would call him sasuke in bed and naruto would be miserable if hinata married someone else because the one he truly loves is hinata and we actually saw that happen too

Warning this is an anti narusaku rant. Let me break down whats so horrible about this pairing and why it didn't happen in canon.
1. Jokes. Most of the things thaf shippers so is take jokes way too seriously. When you have one person who likes the other there should normally be some sort of repent or depression if they reject you. Now naruto irritates sakuea all the time for dates and she tells him to piss off but this doesn't have aby major reaction for him he just acts noramlly and eats ramen happily. Then he says yeah this is my girlfriend and she gets angry and wacks him he says yeah sorry I was joking...again all these funny moments naruto doesn't take it seriously
2. the promise of sasuke. Naruto promises sakura to reunite her with sasuke, however he didn't go to her first, she went to him and cried. He pitied her. Everyone did. He said ok to her request but his motivation was to bring sasuke because he was his best friend. Not romantic at all
3. Meeting His parents. ...more

For anyone that says Sasusaku is better, Narusaku is healthier. After all, Sasuke did try killing Sakura a few different times. Plus, he never noticed her affection in the original Naruto. But, what's done is done.

Ew no get this trash away. How is this healthy in any way when sakura treats naruto so horribly. he is being nice because he is a nice person not because he likes her. And sasuke tries to kill everybody because he qent through an evil phase. I mean...I admit naruto was pestering her unwantedly and he knew it. That is creepy and not healthy at all.

3 Ichigo Kurosaki & Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

Before I watched the anime, I actually thought this was cannon just because there was so much fanart

This is still the best ship that ever existed. I won't even forgive Kubo in my next life.

Wow how did this come below the ugly narsak ship. The disgrace...Vote this up!

Absolutely adorable. Should have been canon.

4 Sasuke Uchiha & Ino Yamanaka - Naruto Shippuden
5 Mugen & Fuu - Samurai Champloo

The anime implied that they both had feelings for each other (although it's possible that Jin had feelings for Fuu too, I'm not sure about this, the romance subject was simply implied in this series) but they never confessed them. It's a loose end that it could happen when they meet again someday.

6 Atem & Isis - Yu-Gi-Oh!
7 Yami Yugi & Ishizu Ishtar
8 Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This ship is basically canon, because there's no other people you can ship with either of them and there are just too much hints!
If it's not well it's still canon in our hearts

Technically it's canon. They just didn't get together because of military rules and regulations.

I love these two! It will always be canon in my heart

I love this pairing my OTP

9 Ash Ketchum & Dawn - Pokemon

they had sparks but sadly they never made the cut they should have but they didn’t

10 Eren Jaeger & Annie Leonhart - Attack on Titan

Honestly, I don't ship this at all. But some of the fanart of them is just so cute!

Shifter x shifter= perfection

Makesi more sense than Eremika

The Contenders

11 Inuyasha & Kikyo

It's not fair. Kikyo never ever even deserves to be killed off ever again. I'll never ever even forgive Rumiko Takahashi for killing Kikyo off at all.

12 Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto

I mean, come on everybody. In chapter and episode 3, these two were born to be together. They were the first two people to have a canon kiss and the series is split between these two. Both are constantly thinking of each other. They have made huge impacts on one another. People say opposites attract and that it's good to have things in common, so that's why they should be together. Sasuke is the complete opposite of Naruto and yet their childhoods were both full of loneliness. Hell, in the final fight Sasuke saw himself standing right next to Naruto.
Not enough proof? What about their abilities? Naruto's wind style has Chidori beat and yet it is the only one that can "assist and magnify fire". That indicates their relationship. No? What about the huge U-turn Sasuke made just to be with Naruto? That clearly shows that Sasuke has no idea what he's doing unless he's next to Naruto. Clothing? Orange and blue are complimentary colours - Naruto and Sasuke. In part 1 Naruto wore orange ...more

"They are made for each other. Sun and Moon. Day and Night. Both know each others heart. Soulmates. In Sasuke's mind only Naruto's bond exist. Naruto literally gets panick attack when Sasuke was ordered to get executed. Their bond is way more than 'I am your friend' thing. Anyone can tell. But its not yaoi manga otherwise I am confident that they would be the greatest couple of all the time. Their ship is practically an addiction cause you just cannot imagine them apart. They just not only look hot together..but they also feel right. Yeah. They feel right.

One of the rare naruto pairings that actually makes sense, they're soul mates and complete each other.

They're cute together, but I know that Masashi Kishimoto can't put them in a relationship

13 Mako & Gamagori - Kill la Kill

At least it hinted they could become a couple at the end of the end credits in Episode 24.

The guy that added this is a troll for one INCEST!

Ryuko and mako forever

14 Misty & Ash Ketchum - Pokemon

This ship is basically half canon, they both showed so much hints for each other, especially Misty since her side is canon

Best couples

15 Kyou Fujibayashi & Tomoya Okazaki - Clannad
16 Sesshomaru & Kagome - InuYasha

I love this couple as well. I mean I feel like deep down Inuyasha will always love Kikyo even if he is now married to Kagome. I feel really bad for the both of them :(. I see Inuyasha and Kagome as friends and I think that her and Sesshomaru would be a good together. I also prefer Inuyasha with Kikyo.

I know that Rin and Sesshomaru are a popular paring, but since Rin and Kagome have near identical personality this paring can work.

I love this couple,my Inuyasha OTP

17 Gray Fullbuster & Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

Well, nothing is canon unless Mashima declares it so. So Gray and Lucy can be just as fanmade as Gray and Juvia, or Natsu and Lucy. They all had plenty of moments, but we'll wait and see.

What about a NO. Lucy belongs to Natsu and Gray belongs to Juvia. Simple as that.

Honestly, I don't like this couple, but it's wayyy better than NaLu. I just think that Natsu and Lucy should stay friends, and I personally hate Juvia. So GraLu isn't as bad. I like GraLu or Gratsu to be honest.

Canon or not. I really love this couple

18 Tomoyo Sakagami & Tomoya Okazaki - Clannad
19 Kaito Kuroba & Akako Koizumi - Magic Kaito

I love this couple! Even that hakuba loves akako, don't mean kaito and akako can't be together forever! Akako sometime acting sucks, but kaiti not kill her! Yea you all know that kaito is a yandere (it's for me. I think kaito is suck and sadistic. But I think his better with akako than aoko).

20 Ami Kawashima & Ryuuji Takasu - Toradora
21 Natsu Dragneel & Lisanna Strauss - Fairy Tail

I ship them so much, and I wish they would come true. I don't like the fact that childhood friends usually lose. humph

People think that they will end up toghtoer just because narouto end up with hinata what astupid joke -_-

22 Aya Toujou & Manaka Junpei - Ichigo 100

Should mention that this is one of the rare cases in anime where the 'main' couple didn't actually end up together, and the protagonist ended up with one of the secondary female protagonists. This was that 'main' couple.

23 Anjou Naruko & Jinta Yadomi - AnoHana
24 Eren Jaeger & Levi Ackerman

Still prefer Riren over Ereri, but okay.

25 Juvia Lockser and Lyon Vastia
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