Top 10 Anime Love Triangles

Love Triangles in anime featuring either 3 or more people.

The Top Ten

1 Naruto / Sakura / Satsuke - Naruto

Yeah, although Naruto really isn't a romance anime. Also, I think it's Sasuke, not Satsuke.

Naruto is in love with Sakura but Sakura loves Satsuke however Satsuke doesn't feel to strongly for Sakura. - egnomac

2 Inuyasha / Kagome / Kouga - InuYasha

Inuyasha Is In Love With Kikyo, But Kagome Is In Love With Inuyasha, And Koga Is In Love With Kagome.


I have seen this anime over and over and over! Trust me when I say this anime is worth watching I absolutely love the love triangle and even though I don't like kikyo I still cried a little when you know what happened and if you don't know watch and find out! > <

3 Tenchi / Ryoko / Ayeka - Tenchi Muyo
4 Ranma / Akane / Ukkyo - Ranma 1/2

Its kind of odd since Ranma's father had originally promised his old friend Soun Tendo that Ranma would marry Akane and ends up making the same deal with Ukkyo's father - egnomac

5 Naru / Keitaro / Seta - Love Hina
6 Kei / Mizuho / Koishi - Please Teacher!

The relationship between Kei and Mizuho happens almost completely by accident meanwhile Kei's other friend Ichigo desperately tries the hook up Kei with Koishi, after learning that she suffers from a stand still that he does he breaks off his relationship with Mizuho to go out with Koishi but that too doesn't go so well. - egnomac

7 Karou / Aoi / Tina / Mayu - Ai Yori Aoshi

This is Love "Square"

8 Anng / Katara / Zuko - Avatar the Last Airbender

Okay, I don't have any problem with Zutara, but there wasn't ANY romantic moment between Zuko and Katara. They're very good friends and that's all - smill

I haven't watched the series. I'm just voting to comment that this is not an anime.

But there is nothing romantic between Zuko and Katara. Not in canon,anyway... - Tia-Harribel

9 Zero / Yuuki / Kaname - Vampire Knight
10 Lyon / Juvia / Gray - Fairy Tail

Lyon→Juvia→Gray. - Tia-Harribel

The Contenders

11 Keitaro / Naru / Mitsuni - Love Hina

Even though Naru says she doesn't have feelings for Keitaro she becomes increasingly Jealous when ever Keitaro and Mutsumi are together, and yes I know Mustsumi is spelled wrong so if your going through this list don't be a smart ass. - egnomac

12 Inuyasha / Kagome / Kikyo - InuYasha

This is part of the main story and the triangle with Kouga is just sort of running gag. So why is it above?

13 Hibiki / Dita / Misty - Vandread the Second Stage
14 Yuu / Arimi / Miki - Marmalade Boy

Yuu Loves Miki, But Arimi Loves Yuu

15 Yuu / Miki / Ginta - Marmalade Boy

Yuu Secretly Loves Miki, And Miki Likes Him, but had a crush on Ginta

16 Ran / Shinichi / Shiho - Detective Conan
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