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21 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Opening 2

I like all the openings but this one is my favourite - Gamer4life

I don't really like this one much, first one was better

"Again" was better

Am I the only one who likes Hologram more than opening 1 'Again', I mean the first one is brilliant, well actually all five openings are masterpieces but no 2 just seem pure badass too me the song just fills you with energy and has got quite compelling fight scenes like:- Bradly vs ling and gang, Ed vs Scar, Mutsang vs Lust. Combining both making it one hell of an immaculate piece of awesomeness.

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22 Kill la Kill Op 2 - Ambiguous

Honestly, just give this song a listen, you'll see it's clearly the best, now please do us all a favor and listen to this song.

23 Dragon Ball Z - Rock the Dragon

This song just gets you pumped up

Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z! - SunGoku

love it

24 Air TV - Tori no Uta

Surprised to find this opening so low. it at least deserves to be in top 5

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25 11eyes - Arrival of Tears

Now this is what I'm talking about when I say awesome. This is my kind of music. Whether it's fast, slow or whether it's sang by a male or female, I always love metal music. This is one of those anime songs that despite it being in Japanese, I can't resist singing along to it. The guitar sequences in it are the best I've heard in anime opening songs. The animation in this opening really complements the show too. - MottScurry

Best Japanese symphonic metal anime song ever! - MLPFan

Better than the actual show unfortunately

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26 Gurren Lagann - Sorairo Days

How is this below A Cruel Angel's Thesis. Honestly, I think Gurren Lagann had a better opening than Evangelion (not saying the song is bad, but I just prefer Sorairo Days better).

A song that gets you super pumped for the awesome that is Gurren Lagann

27 Steins;Gate - Opening 1

Best anime opening I think I've ever seen, and I've heard nearly all of the openings currently in the top 10

Come on man how is this 29th?!?! Hacking to the Gate is AT LEAST top10 for crying out loud!

It's a very fulfilling anime opening

Dude come on why is it 29?

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28 Fate/Zero - To the Beginning

Truly captures the dark and tragic tone of the 2nd and final season of Fate/Zero. Even the name of it; To the Beginning. Shows how Kiritsugu's roots are explored. How he has to think back to the beginning in order to make his biggest decision. Can also be viewed as how this series is coming to a close, and the beginning to the sequel/main series, Fate/Stay Night, is coming.

"For the sake of creating a world where no one cries, I scream out a prayer that doesn't reach anywhere and disappears..."

"If I choose you, and if we can search for a happiness just for the two of us, It doesn't matter if freezing flames burn my body, I am near a smile."

29 Bleach - Asterisk

First Japanese song I completely worked out a dance routine to, absolutely awesome

30 Bleach - Opening 13

I'm listening to it right now. It always reminds me of Gin :'( - Tuana123

For me as well always reminds me of Ichimaru Gin

Just listen to it, and you'll understand. - Pyrrhism

ONe of the best songs

31 One Piece - Opening 14 (Fight Together)

WHATS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! It's one of the greatest theme songs ever. it has fabulous rhythm and music and singing. Shows tragedy, flashback, fun and hope. It shows the hope of the protagonist and moving forward. It encompasses the pain and fun memories and growth that he has gone through to move forward. It is so meaningful to the series beyond how amazing just the music itself sounds. Yet it's so low on the list because stupid fan girls hype junk like SAO because they like the show even though others songs are better, and Attack on Titan (while great) is on here Twice! People look and learn the song title before brainlessly adding it a second or third time like a moron.

There are approximately 1,013,913 words in the English language but I could never string any of them together to explain how much I love this song

When I first saw this opening I cried... I still do... It's very rare for me to cry at all... So far this anime has made me cry more then 5 times...

The best One Piece song, but definitely not the best anime opening. It does not deserve the top 20. As good as it is, there are much more better openings like 'Unravel', 'My Dearest', 'Guren no Yumiya', 'COLORS', 'Cruel Angel Thesis'Thesis', 'Again', 'Crossing Field', 'Jiyuu no Tsubasa' and so many more which is better than this. I think it shouldn't be higher.

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32 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Brave Shine

Just an amazing song, suited the anime perfectly.

Amazing my favourite anime opening song ever

Best anime song ever

33 Bleach - Opening 6
34 Soul Eater - Opening 1

Haha it's on the list twice

35 Attack on Titan - Opening 1

This opening gets me so pumped, it's so epic. I always get chills at the part where they all jump into the air at the same time

This also really shows the desperate struggle to survive and fight the titans

So awesome it's on the list twice - Absolite


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36 One Piece Opening 5 Kokoro No Chizu
37 Kaze No Stigma - Blast of the Wind
38 Fate Zero - Oath Sign (Opening 1)

I really love the contemporary medieval feel of the song! Not to mention you could feel the emotions of the singer LiSA as she sings throughout the whole song as well! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

39 Neon Genesis Evangelion - A Cruel Angel's Thesis
40 Gakuen Alice - Pika Pika no Taiyou V 1 Comment
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