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81 Dragon Ball Z Kai - Dragon Soul

It's like very catchy and cool. And it has an emotion of happiness

Catchiest song in existence! So epic.

82 Gundam 00 - Daybreak's Bell
83 Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Boys and Girls

The composition, the music, the beat, the rhythm, the lyrics! Everything is so great in this song!

I've watched many animes and listened many openings, but honestly, This anime has one of the best story, characters, and songs...

Boys and girls eat applesauce.

All of the KHR openings are my favorite but this one always gets me pumped for the action.

It is the begginning of interesting part...that's why...

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84 Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? - Opening 1
85 Bleach - Change
86 Naruto - Rise! Tsuyosa
87 Yuri!!! On Ice - History Maker

I was torn between this one and unravel, but this is a new song that I adored without even watching anime and that says a lot

Really amazing opening - sPaCeOdDiTy_2005

Never ever skipped the intro

88 Sign - Naruto Shippuden

Gut wrenching... I really really wanted to vote for both Sign and Sekai wo. But, I suppose Sign is better by just the slimmest of margins. But it is heart-breaking to not vote for sekai wo :'(

I love this song. I can play it on repeat and never get sick of it.

Sign by flow is the best rock music EVER.

What is this song doing on number 51?

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89 One Piece - Hard Knock Days

Personally, this is my favorite anime OP of all time( I'm a little bit Bias, as OP is one of the only anime I watch continuously) but it's the perfect song for me.

The best opening of all times. It shows us the sad life of an important character in that arc.


90 Darker Than Black - Howling
91 Sword Art Online - Opening 3: Ignite

This music really ignites your feelings. Nice opening for the 2nd season of SAO

no just no

92 Hiiro no Kakera - Nee

I just can't stop listening to this! It's such a beautiful song. Fujita Maiko's voice is just amazing! - ToukaKirishima

93 Naruto - Hero's Come back V 1 Comment
94 Fullmetal Alchemist - Rewrite
95 Naruto Shippuden - Opening 3 (Blue Bird)

This is seriously the best song ever!

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96 Arata Kangatari - Genesis Aria
97 Black Butler - Monochrome No Kiss

Opening us to the dark and mysterious world of Kuroshitsuji, the deep lyrics and exciting melody sure are an extremely unique combination between the two main aspects of the show.

This is a really good song! It deserves to be in one of the top anime openings!

91? Never seen Black Butler but damn this deserves to be Top 20 at least - Absolite

Seriously... this song fit the anime perfectly and it's really good.

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98 Fairy Tail - Strike Back
99 Code Geass - World End
100 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Hyperdrive

It is great

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