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121 Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus - Enamel

I love the visuals in this theme and the song matches perfectly. You all should seriously watch this anime. It has a lot of evil and awesomeness

This was my favorite of the Kuroshitsuji OPs! It is so fun and catchy!

LOVE the circus intro. It just captivated me along with the song. Perfect match. One of my favourites.

122 Danganronpa 3: Future Arc

If you ask me, The visuals and the Song went PERFECTLY together! I absolutely love it! - RainbowChan

Yes! Indeed! I Love The Anime So Much! The Opening Fits So Well

It just get's you pumping for the action that is yet to come!

I just watched the final arc of Danganronpa 3 a few weeks ago. But I LOVE this song so much! Same with the Despair arc OP 😊 - MLPFan

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123 Mekakucity Actors - Daze

This song gives a good view on the characters of the show and plus it has a very catchy beat

124 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Op 2 - Bloody Stream


125 Death Parade - Opening 1

I love how this opening was so upbeat and lively, it's like a breath of fresh air compared to the dark themes of the anime. - Horselphant

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126 Digimon Adventure Tri - Butterfly V 1 Comment
127 Code Geass - World End
128 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Get Your Game On
129 Durarara Opening 1 - Uragiri no Yuuyake

The best opening ever. Actually I can't make a good day without listenning to the opening.

130 D.Gray-Man - Innocent Sorrow

Op that fits the anime series as a whole.

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131 Attack on Titan - Linked Horizon

Linked Horizon has been making an awesome opening for Attack on Titan! Well, good work, Linked Horizon!

Yeah keep going Linked Horizon

Best band ever.

Hiroyuki Sawano, just what in hell are you doing? Taking over Hans Zimmer (or whoever the hell he is? )

Cause damn, the soundtracks are GOOD.

Hey, what about DOA?

132 Fairy Tail - Masayume Chasing

Queen Boa's Masayume Changing is for life!

133 Freezing Vibration - Avenge World V 1 Comment
134 Splash Free! V 1 Comment
135 Naruto Shippuden - Sha La La
136 X.U. - Owari no Seraph
137 Log Horizon - Database

I have yet to get used to this anime but damn the opening song is great! - SelfDestruct

138 Fairy Tail - Opening 1: Snow Fairy
139 Overlord - Clattanoia V 1 Comment
140 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
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