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1 Eijirou Kirishima x Katsuki Bakugou - My Hero Academia

Yes just yes they are so cute! What I really want to happen in this series is that Bakugou grows even more from the ash-holeness because of Kirishima and that Kirishima breaks through his barrier and sees Bakugou's true self and they both help each other through their insecurities.

This is one of my favorite ships. Kirishima and bakugo have been really close when they first met. I think them being best bro’s can turn into a relationship. I’m not to far into the show but I think they are showing signs that they like each other. Most of the time I can tell bakugo is hiding his feelings. But deep down he love Kirishima. This ship definitely deserves the number one ship

I find them to have the cutest Dynamic, I feel like they haven't had any recent moments together do to most of the action, but these two are just adorable. Their friendship is admirable and they compliment each other very well.

Both Kiribaku and Usuk from Hetalia are my world's most favourite romantic gay pairings in existence! Nothing can compare to the infinite perfection these ships are.
Kiribaku equals literal pure perfection and only god knows how infinitely grateful I am for this pairing's existence.
I only like these pairings because of how perfect their souls are for each other - I DO NOT fetishize them at all whatsoever as some people might claim.
Anyhow, I STRONGLY hope Kiribaku becomes canon in the manga/anime.
However, if it doesn't become canon - Kiribaku (and Usuk) will always still remain my No.1 most favourite OTP for all eternity and literally nothing will ever change that.


2 Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki - Yuri!! On Ice

Ngl this is canon and it will stay that way. Although I do love the ship of Chirs and Yuuri and Yurio and Yuuri, but like...hell yeah.

I love so much this ship! It's really sweet and cute and I really don't know what to say.

They have rings! Definitely shipped from the very beginning.

They are so cute when they both eat pork cutlet bowls together!

3 Takashi Morinozuka x Mitsukuni Haninozuka - Ouran Host Club

okay but we all know that before we found out that they were distant cousins, they were the OTP

this is litterally one of the cutest anime ships ever

4 Bokuto X Akaashi - Haikyuu

The fact that Akashi knows so much about Bokuto and how Bokuto respects and admires Akashi. That ladies and gentlemen is true love

I really like this ship, I feel like they seem to understand each more than anyone else so I appreciate this ship very much.

Akaashi can list all of Bokuto's 37 weaknesses. They have good chemistry. Nothing else to be said.

They work really well together

5 Sebastian x Ciel - Black Butler

Quite gap between ages but also cute at the same time. Mention about Ciel that scared of Sebastian if he leaves him for cat *couch*

Uh huh. I ship 'em. Kuroshitsuji has shown some strong bond between the two. Their age difference could be a small blip, but it would probably work.

The 2 Are Always together, And in the show, Sebby seems to have a strong relationship with Ceil because THEY ALMOST FRICKN' KISSED IN SO MANY EPISODES!

I know that Sebastian is over 100 years old and all, because he's a demon and Ciel is only 13, but this ship is so cute.

6 Mafuyu x Yuki - Given

Yuki saved Mafuyu when they were younger, heck they were meant to be! This ship is so sweet and sad... true Yuki...

They work together perfectly.

I'm a multi-shipper so this is cute! even though yuki is...

So sad and so so sweet!

7 Kuroo x Kenma - Haikyuu

The fact that Kenma joined volleyball because of Kuroo just sparked my interest in this relationship. I think we just need to get over Kenma' s deep admiration for Hinata and then they will be one of the best ships in haikyuu.

I love kuroken, at first I was confused but when I actually watched th show and read the manga I saw them and thought it was ment to be <3

Literally my favorite ship in Haikyuu. So much chemistry, at this point, I bet they can read each others minds

They are like the same but different at the same time

8 Rei x Nagisa - Free!

Second best ship in Free.

lol if this ship isn't canon then I don't know what is... literally every moment they have together is a SHIP moment

This is canon, right? no!? liar


9 Eren x Levi - Attack On Titan

I just started to ship them even if Levi had to killed Eren in his Titan form but the way he treat Eren is different from other people that he treat before. Thus, more like lovers do. I dunno but I just hoped that they had more time to spent to talked about each others stories :')

Eren tried making Levi happy by cleaning super much. And Mikasa is to clingy and embaresses Eren and does't even hear when he says no! Levi and Eren is kinda made for eachother!

Seeing both of these pedophilia, it seems like it became canon (almost) and altho it also could say abusive, it doesn't mean abusive. Sometimes, Levi could be the one who make Eren more comforts instead of Mikasa. Secondly, Levi also treat him twice as he treat everyone else 👁👄👁

I love this show and when Levi dictates him like that it shows us that Levi is seme and Eren is uke forever.

10 Natsu x Lucy - Fairy Tail

Well, these two have gone through many things together and are almost always together they both balance each other out and I absolutely love them together.

I mean we all ship it (expect nali fans obviously just pretend they don’t exist for a moments here) there is so much evidence in manga/anime that nalu will happen so in my opinion nalu is cannon. But I respect nali shippers opinion maybe if she didn't “die” they would end up together.

They have been through a lot together and no matter what they alway team natsu they keep each the way they are and plus even if natsu or Lucy memories get lost they will always remember each other TEAM NALU

I honestly love this ship so much and I know it's sometimes underrated due to some other ships *cough* Lisanna x Natsu *cough* but I honestly think that they will end up together in the end as they definitely have a stronger relationship with each other than anyone else in the guild maybe except for Happy though (WE STAN HAPPY).

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11 Naruto x Sasuke - Naruto

The only person that really cared about and understood Sasuke was Naruto. Sakura even considered killing Saduke at one point but Naruto always understood him even after being separated for years and being treated like trash.

It kinda makes sence if you think about it, Sauske has had two kisses in the Naruto series, and their all from Naruto! They say opposites attract!

I know that naruto and sasuke are married but I don’t really think why would the creator made the ship sasusaku and naruhina cause naruto really wanted sasuke to come back and how could sakura and sasuke be paired sasuke hates her he tried to KILL her I mean also how could hinata x naruto became true like did naruto really wanted her I mean hinata’s to shy to confess how did this happen? So I think sasuke x naruto would be a better couple

I love this ship because of how real this actually could have been. It made the most sense, it's a likable ship, they being the only people who understood their feelings and what they have been through is realistic and 700 episodes of naruto they had enough moments to be real (unlike sasusaku). Do I even have to mention they are (romantic or not) soulmates of each other? like the sun and the moon they just have this ''thing'' I never saw in any other ship not just in Naruto but in every other anime

12 Jellal x Erza - Fairy Tail

They have a lot of past them to after he was pesest and then after that he went to jail Erza was heart broken but they meet again and then Jellal had to make a lie up but they where about to kiss but they didn’t

Yay! They are so cute and they have pretty much loved each other since they were kids!

I think lucy x natsu should be here but I support this

Jerza, literally one of the best things ever. Erza only has 2 loves, Jellal and cake.

13 Izuku Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugo - Boku no Hero Academia

THIS should the first one Bakudeku is the cutest ship in bnha and if bakugo started dating with anyone(deku) he would try to change.

I ship this because Bakugo and Deku has the longest relationship from everybody else and even though They are not friends Deku still cares for him. And I personally feel like that Bakugo cares for Deku deep inside it’s just his ego to being the best hero gets in the way of that.

They are child hood friends and Deku still see it like that and also bakugo but Bakugo is just scared that Deku can see right though him like glass but when he is not thinking of the they work so well together

Since BNHA has been coming reasonably popular throughout 2018 and whatnot, and BakuDeku is the most popular ship (in the Western side, anyways) then heck yes.

14 White Blood Cell x Red Blood Cell - Cells at Work!

He literally protects her from everything, they're childhood friends.

Blood is blood. Gotta love that blood

I ship it but I wouldn't make sense

Bcs they work together so no problem.

15 Kageyama x Hinata - Haikyuu!!

I love their whole friendly competing relationship, and usually I'm not into the enemy to lover thing but their personalities balance out very well, so I very much enjoy this ship.

I have always shipped them
I feel bad for the other guy but spoiler

Kiyoko gets married to tanaka

I broke down when I found out that this wasn't canon!

Where do I start like this is the best ship ever!

16 Gray x Natsu - Fairy Tail

They are cute together. Since they have always been there for each other since they were kids, Natsu also stops Gray from killing himself with the magic which your use, despite the change of it freezing him forever. BOI! JUST LOOK AT THE BROMANCE!

I barely watched the show but I watched some of it because my best friend is obsessed. Anyways... THIS IS THE BEST SHIP LEAVE ME ALONE.

I'm sorry if you all don't ship this but I think it's the most adorable thing since Kirishima x Bakugo.

The sexual tension between theses two is strong

17 Inuyasha x Kagome - Inuyasha

I also love it! They were made for each other. Maybe from different times but even the universe wants them to be together

One of the cutest ships ever! I love this show

They might dislike each other but they kind nice to eachother

I think since the kiss we all know it

18 Izuochaco (Uraraka x Midoriya) - My Hero Academia

Mk so this is the most canon ship to be a non liked ship I mean why can't anyone give Uraraka a second of happiness and isn't Midoriya straight if being canon?

I'm so mad this ship isn't more popular, this is my favorite ship after Kiribaku in MHA. They literally have the most canon moments together, but people don't appreciate it enough.

Honestly Ochako and Izuku is the best bnha ship In my opinion I understand why people ship tododeku and I don't like the reasoning and bakudeku should just die all together Ochako and Izuku is most likely to be canon after the UA high storyline however it wont happen within the show/anime because they don't want to focus on the relationship between Deku and Ochako which is understandable but nonetheless best ship and by far the cutest.

Its Just the flat out best ship no offense to tododeku and bakudeku shippers but there is no sign of love between todoroki and deku and bakugou

19 Gon Freecs and Killua Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter

They are bsf for life but sometimes they can act more then bsf. When killua meet gon he was just wanting to have fun then the test were they had to fight and then killua went put rage on a guy and killed him but the gon woke and a guy told him the story of what happened gon got mad and try to find killua and then they unstoppable together

I wish that this could be canon, but in the old version it kinda dropped hints about them dating!

Killua obviously likes Gon during the Phantom Rouge movie he was so jealous

They are so sweet together and I just loved them.

20 Light x L - Death Note

Just the tension of the investigation and how they dealt with it and each other is making me happy with this ship!

... Sure L died because of him but like... respect the drip Karen. This ship is life.

I ship L and amnesiac Light, but I guess it counts

The tension when L was rubbing Light's feet

21 Keith x Lance - Voltron

Klance was my life and will always stay with me, lol they are on my wallpaper currently, I love them and its clear Lance is bi and Keith is gay and that they love eachother.

They are gay icons, I thought of a funny screanario of them!
Lance: Come on Keith lets save the world gay!
Keith: Yeah lets save the world!
Keith: Wait, your implying were gay!

I've never been so mad about a ship not meeting end game as much as I was for Klance. I really did love this ship, it was very wholesome and interesting #Klance was klanceled.

This is my favorite ship, Keith and Lance are sooooo cute together! This should really be in the top #10. Keith’s mullet just looks gay and Lance uses FACE MASKS before going to bed. Which gives me gay vibes.

22 Shizuo x Izaya - Durarara

Words are not enough to describe how much I love this ship. It's o e of the best one out there in the anime shipping fandom. Top Shizuo x Bottom Izaya is life!

This is honestly just an amazing ship, you gotta admit too that both of them are hot as hell.

They are literally too good to be true

Cute. doesn't need more words to describe it

23 Sasuke x Sakura (Naruto)

Ok so I love and hate this ship at the same time, I absolutely loved this ship back in part one but in shippuden it got way worst...

I mean, people get the wrong idea between them. Everyone thinks that he never loved Sakura, and only wanted to "revive" the Uchiha clan. What I have seen, Sasuke has always loved her. If you ship pretty much everyone in 'Naruto', then you'd understand me.

The most likable couple in all the anime series

Their love story is unmatched

24 Kirito x Asuna - Sword art Online

This ship is the sweetest of all, No weebs emotions involved but Real Person emotions involved.

I totally agree with number 1.

Kirito x Asuna for life boi

The world most bad ass ship

25 Kyo x Tohru - Fruits Basket

I love how the big man Kyo gets all soft hearted for Tohru. In the episode where Kyo takes care of Tohru when she’s sick, my heart melts! By far one of the best ships in existence, and I can’t wait to see how the 2019 remake ends up!

It's so cute butt the anime never shows that it's cannon so I cri

I don’t watch anomie

Every time they are together tohru makes kyo smile and then it makes me all exited for like no reason at all

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