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1 Eijirou Kirishima x Katsuki Bakugou - My Hero Academia

This is tea, it should be cannoned. Between my life and them being together, I'd be dead by now.

I picked this one because it was the only one for My Hero Academia.

all I have to say is this is already practically canon... if there was any canon ship in MHA it would most definitely be this one!

This is hands down the best ship ever. Kirishima is the only person Bakugo sees as an equal and will let touch his shoulder.

2 Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki - Yuri!! On Ice

They are so cute when they both eat pork cutlet bowls together!

They have rings! Definitely shipped from the very beginning.

Ngl this is canon and it will stay that way. Although I do love the ship of Chirs and Yuuri and Yurio and Yuuri, but like...hell yeah.

So gay its straight

3 Takashi Morinozuka x Mitsukuni Haninozuka - Ouran Host Club

okay but we all know that before we found out that they were distant cousins, they were the OTP

4 Bokuto X Akaashi - Haikyuu

Akaashi can list all of Bokuto's 37 weaknesses. They have good chemistry. Nothing else to be said.

The fact that Akashi knows so much about Bokuto and how Bokuto respects and admires Akashi. That ladies and gentlemen is true love

I love haikyuu so much but I don't know this ship bcs I rather ship hinata x kageyama.BUT I think its maybe be a great ship.

This is amazing

5 Sebastian x Ciel - Black Butler

I know that Sebastian is over 100 years old and all, because he's a demon and Ciel is only 13, but this ship is so cute.

I haven't even watched all the episode but the first second of them being together-

One hell of a butler and his young master is the best-forbidden love

I love them, they are my favorite ship out of all the anime I have watched

6 Mafuyu x Yuki - Given

Yuki saved Mafuyu when they were younger, heck they were meant to be! This ship is so sweet and sad... true Yuki...

They work together perfectly.

its, just, amazing?

I'm a multi-shipper so this is cute! even though yuki is...

7 Kuroo x Kenma - Haikyuu

Literally my favorite ship in Haikyuu. So much chemistry, at this point, I bet they can read each others minds

Another setter x wing-spiker. It's amazing.


ahhh, this should be canoonnnnnnn

8 Rei x Nagisa - Free!

lol if this ship isn't canon then I don't know what is... literally every moment they have together is a SHIP moment

Second best ship in Free.


9 Eren x Levi - Attack On Titan

I really like their chemistry, heck some of the animators even ship them.

I love this show and when Levi dictates him like that it shows us that Levi is seme and Eren is uke forever.

I approve of this precious ship-me(an overly weird person who has no value in life)

Dem both are koot the angry and the I don't give a frick just bootiful

10 Natsu x Lucy - Fairy Tail

You can just see that they love each other throughout the series.

I love this because of the story I once shipped lissana x natsu but as I watch fairy tail more and more I realized that Natsu x Lucy is the best ship in my opinion

Like honestly this ship is like perfect. How they were destined to meet and all. I personally think this ship is so cute that no other ship is better

I honestly love this ship so much and I know it's sometimes underrated due to some other ships *cough* Lisanna x Natsu *cough* but I honestly think that they will end up together in the end as they definitely have a stronger relationship with each other than anyone else in the guild maybe except for Happy though (WE STAN HAPPY).

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11 Jellal x Erza - Fairy Tail

Jerza, literally one of the best things ever. Erza only has 2 loves, Jellal and cake.

I think lucy x natsu should be here but I support this

Yas I love this ship

I ship it, I ship it so hard

12 Izuku Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugo - Boku no Hero Academia

Sure, I guess this is a cute ship, but I kinda prefer Deku X Todorokki

I don't ship it as much as tododeku BUT this ship is really interesting

They are cute together but tbh really any relationship with bakugo is toxic ngl

THIS should the first one Bakudeku is the cutest ship in bnha and if bakugo started dating with anyone(deku) he would try to change.

13 Naruto x Sasuke - Naruto

I stg this ship is literally my life. I just came back from reading fan fiction. Good day.

'Who do you think you are?!' 'Your friend!' Owie, but I love the way that went. Also... I uh... like gay stuff

Okay THEY KISSED TWO TIMES IN THE SHOW I might be wrong but that’s what I herd anyway and both of there first kisses were each other

I don't know I just ship it -_- it seems like it was kind of meant to be since they kissed not once but TWICE!

14 White Blood Cell x Red Blood Cell - Cells at Work!

He literally protects her from everything, they're childhood friends.

Blood is blood. Gotta love that blood

I ship it but I wouldn't make sense

trust me, when the next season comes out this will be canon...

15 Inuyasha x Kagome - Inuyasha

They might dislike each other but they kind nice to eachother

I also love it! They were made for each other. Maybe from different times but even the universe wants them to be together

One of the cutest ships ever! I love this show

yes so cute there going to have cat babys

16 Keith x Lance - Voltron

When I watched da show I was like

OwO me will ship Keith a Lance for life

They have the best and funniest moments ever but they hate each other but that is why nearly every ships them

They are an amazing ship and who ever doesn't ship them fight meh >:(

So my friend came out to me,not as gay,but as a Allurance shipper,because,and I quote "I ship whatever is canon". I showed her both of my middle fingers and yelled "WELL,SATAN,DIRTY LAUNDRY IS CANON SO SHUT IT. that's how I lost my bff...
Ha jk were cool now but I still hate her...

17 Gray x Natsu - Fairy Tail

I barely watched the show but I watched some of it because my best friend is obsessed. Anyways... THIS IS THE BEST SHIP LEAVE ME ALONE.

They are cute together. Since they have always been there for each other since they were kids, Natsu also stops Gray from killing himself with the magic which your use, despite the change of it freezing him forever. BOI! JUST LOOK AT THE BROMANCE!

I'm sorry if you all don't ship this but I think it's the most adorable thing since Kirishima x Bakugo.

screw natsu x lucy or gray x juvia THIS IS PURE GOLD

18 Shizuo x Izaya - Durarara

Words are not enough to describe how much I love this ship. It's o e of the best one out there in the anime shipping fandom. Top Shizuo x Bottom Izaya is life!

This is honestly just an amazing ship, you gotta admit too that both of them are hot as hell.

They are literally too good to be true

It's a cute ship

19 Izuochaco (Uraraka x Midoriya) - My Hero Academia

Their meant to be together. They dynamic is so cute. And the way they motivate eachother to become better heroes without even noticing it half the time is sweet and awesome.

I love it and it should be canon

So cute! Best ship!

It's a cute ship!

20 Light x L - Death Note

... Sure L died because of him but like... respect the drip Karen. This ship is life.

Just the tension of the investigation and how they dealt with it and each other is making me happy with this ship!

The hate/love trope is a classic. Misa/Light shippers can go die.

I wrote a lemon about thos already

21 Sasuke x Sakura (Naruto)

I mean, people get the wrong idea between them. Everyone thinks that he never loved Sakura, and only wanted to "revive" the Uchiha clan. What I have seen, Sasuke has always loved her. If you ship pretty much everyone in 'Naruto', then you'd understand me.

The most likable couple in all the anime series

warms my heart

there the strongest couple

22 Kyo x Tohru - Fruits Basket

Every time they are together tohru makes kyo smile and then it makes me all exited for like no reason at all

It's so cute butt the anime never shows that it's cannon so I cri

yes please


23 Kirito x Asuna - Sword art Online

This ship is the sweetest of all, No weebs emotions involved but Real Person emotions involved.

I totally agree with number 1.

The world most bad ass ship

Kirito x Asuna for life boi

24 Naruto x Hinata - Naruto

They are a very good match and fully deserve each other. Hinata always believed in Naruto even when nobody did and Naruto gave Hinata self-confidence and pushed her to surpass herself.

Cutest couple ever

Relationship goal.

My sweetest ever otp

25 Kageyama x Hinata - Haikyuu!!

I have always shipped them
I feel bad for the other guy but spoiler

Kiyoko gets married to tanaka

I think this ship is meant to ail its just so...BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS AND MAGICAL ITS JUST PERFECT

Do I even have to say anything? they were MEANT for eachother. I love everything about this ship. ahhh, this should be cannon :(

Where do I start like this is the best ship ever!

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