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1 Inuyasha x Kagome - Inuyasha

They are so cute together


Yes! I love them sooo much


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2 Shizuo x Izaya - Durarara


They are literally too good to be true

This is honestly just an amazing ship, you gotta admit too that both of them are hot as hell.


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3 Kyo x Tohru - Fruits Basket

It's so cute butt the anime never shows that it's cannon so I cri

yes please


I don’t watch anomie

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4 Jellal x Erza - Fairy Tail

I think lucy x natsu should be here but I support this

This is the best Fairy Tail Ship. I like it!

Too good to be true


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5 Spain x Romano - Hetalia

It has to to be cannon

Spamano is a good ship


Yes just yes

6 Kirito x Leafa - Sword Art Online

Kirito x Leafa. Personally, Asuna x Kirito is the best ship in the series.

No, its ONLY Kirito x Satsuna or Leafa x Recon.

But they don't know that they are siblings.So,what's the point in denying it!

No. Leafa already has Recon and Kirito has Asuna. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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7 Kurogane x Fai - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
8 Eijirou Kirishima x Katsuki Bakugou - My Hero Academia

Bakugou and Kiri are made for each other!

Best ship there are great together

The are the best

My friend thinks shes winning

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9 Rangiku x Izuru - Bleach
10 Eren x Levi - Attack On Titan

This ship is literally half of my life

Eren had a thing for levi before he even met him

I ship so hard I re-sunk the titanic

Yesss ship it

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11 Natsu x Lucy - Fairy Tail Natsu x Lucy - Fairy Tail

I honestly love this ship so much and I know it's sometimes underrated due to some other ships *cough* Lisanna x Natsu *cough* but I honestly think that they will end up together in the end as they definitely have a stronger relationship with each other than anyone else in the guild maybe except for Happy though (WE STAN HAPPY).

They are the best ship ever they made anime great and kept me going in life

This ship made my life complete no words can describe how much I love this ship

No words can describe this ship...Only the word Perfection

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12 Izuku Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugo - Boku no Hero Academia

Best ship ever has to be canon

Yess this must happen - Shadowshark400


Since BNHA has been coming reasonably popular throughout 2018 and whatnot, and BakuDeku is the most popular ship (in the Western side, anyways) then heck yes.

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13 Naruto x Sasuke - Naruto

Otp since I was 12

I just ship it

Way better than SasukexSakura!

Best Couple Ever! Better than Sasusaku They're relationship is just awful

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14 Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki - Yuri!! On Ice

The only true ship


So gay its straight


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15 Sasuke x Sakura (Naruto) Sasuke x Sakura (Naruto)

The most likable couple in all the anime series

This ship has been bound to happen since naruto part 1... it's the best because sasusaku had to go through really tough times.. but in the end.. it all became alright.. has the most intense storyline ever!

16 Sanji x Pudding - One Piece

I love them! They would be so perfect together.

Best One Piece pairing!

I hope it happend

Such a funny and adorable couple!

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17 Izuochaco (Uraraka x Midoriya) - My Hero Academia

I love it and it should be canon

Their meant to be together. They dynamic is so cute. And the way they motivate eachother to become better heroes without even noticing it half the time is sweet and awesome.

So cute! Best ship!

It's a cute ship!

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18 Ash x Serena - Pokemon

Always waited for kiss

I love this ship so much that I have to say... it's still a better love story then twilight


Yes my children deserve each other

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19 Keith x Lance - Voltron

I love this ship so much its what wakes me up in the mornings

This is my top OTP.

20 Naruto x Hinata - Naruto

They are a very good match and fully deserve each other. Hinata always believed in Naruto even when nobody did and Naruto gave Hinata self-confidence and pushed her to surpass herself.

Cutest couple ever - NarutoUzumaki

My sweetest ever otp

Relationship goal.

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21 Soul x BlackStar - Soul Eater


22 Toshiro x Momo - Bleach
23 Haruka x Makoto - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
24 Light x L - Death Note

The hate/love trope is a classic. Misa/Light shippers can go die.

25 Yato x Hiyori Iki - Noragami

In my opinion, the greatest ship

The most best ship under Lucy and natsu from fairy tail

so cute!

Cutest ship def #1

26 Okita Sougo x Kagura - Gintama

You should watch GINTAMA!

I like Sougo and I like Kagura. The ship ist sooo good,i like it the most from all Gintama ships

27 Meliodas x Elizabeth - The Seven Deadly Sins

I had conflicting opinions at first but I fell in love with it in the end


oh ya

Who doesn't ship these two? There just too cute!

28 Kaneki x Touka - Tokyo Ghoul


29 Sebastian x Ciel - Black Butler
30 Tamaki and Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

I LOVE tis ship its adorable and I love this show if you haven't watched GO WATCH IT NOW!

31 Zoro x Sanji - One Piece

Yaoi perhaps but easily the most popular pairing in One Piece.

This pairing is sexy as hell!


32 Leafa x Racon - Sword Art Online
33 Kousei & Kaori - Your Lie In April


34 Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist
35 Morgiana x Alibaba - Magi

Yes! Alimor is an amazing ship! I actually had no idea they were going to be up here. I mean, they're canon after all.

36 Akko x Andrew - Little Witch Academia

Sadly, it would never happen. The creators originally planned to have Akko and Andrew as a couple, but they scrapped it so now their relationship is more of a sibling like relationship


I haven't seen them kiss yet but they imply and give hints that they like each other. I also ship RocketShipping and AmourShipping. Does anyone else?

37 Otabek x Yurio - Yuri!!! on Ice

The best otp they are cannon and don't say that "Yuri is 15! " because the age of consent in Japan is 13! he and Otabek can legally be in a relationship

I don't have enough room to write how well they fit withv each other.. These two deserve to be together♡

38 Gray x Juvia - Fairy Tail

Gruvia is the perfect combo of fluff, unhealthy obsession (it's not always creepy. I mean when an anime character does it u think it's creepy but it's not. We all do it. Ex. I have a crush on Len and cat noir but that's not important rn.), Angst, character development and the feels.
Did I mention Juvia killed herself for Gray?

39 Soul x Maka - Soul Eater


40 Zoro x Robin - One Piece

Keep dreaming, guys! - PinkPepper

Aweful, just aweful

41 Viktor X Yuuri - Yuri on Ice


42 King x Diane - The Seven Deadly Sins
43 Kagami x Konata - Lucky Star!
44 Keith and Lance - Voltron Legendary Defender

They're such a well thought out ship, they're the voltron version of Naruto and Sasuke

45 Asta x Yuno - Black Clover

Just can't see it not what so ever

46 Jonathan Joestar x Dio Brando - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
47 Mikaela x Krul - Seraph of the End

They are like mother and son is what people say but when you really see them when Krul saved him for amusement she ignored the rest but Mika really cares for her there is a high chance he is looking to save her in Season 3

48 Bunnelby x Eevee - Pokemon XYZ

This is the only good ship between pokemon

49 Ichigo x Rukia - Bleach

yes please

50 Kirito x Asuna - Sword art Online

Kirito x Asuna for life boi

I totally agree with number 1. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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